FoxFace Care Guide

Siganus uspi|vulpinus|unimaculatus|magnificus Foxface are interesting, peaceful herbivores who love to graze around the tank. While they are not carnivorous, they are still a large threat due to their venomous spines. The can prick through human skin, so always take extra safety measures around these guys. Foxface are quite hardy and resilient when it comes to … Read more FoxFace Care Guide

Four Stripe Damselfish Care Guide

Dascyllus melanurus The Four Stripe Damselfish is an extremely hardy, aggressive fish who is frequently used as a starter fish. This is both good and bad, as the fish can easily survive in an uncycled tank, however when they age they will be extremely aggressive and territorial. Keeping this fish will really limit your options … Read more Four Stripe Damselfish Care Guide

Four Line Wrasse Care Guide

Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia The Four Stripe Wrasse, cousin to the Six Line Wrasse, is a more colorful, smaller fish with less attitude. They have a large, white chin, making them easily distinguishable from other wrasse. They bring a lot of personality to the tank as they quickly dart around, scouring the rocks for any parasites, pods … Read more Four Line Wrasse Care Guide

Flame Hawkfish Care Guide

Neocirrhites armatus These brilliant red fish can easily capture any passers eye. Their bright colors, quick movements and sharp eyes show that they are no ordinary fish. When kept in home aquariums the Flame Hawkfish (Neocirrhites armatus) will sit still watching the inhabitants of the room, quickly darting to new vantage points occasionally. While this … Read more Flame Hawkfish Care Guide