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3 Stage Filtration System
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Choosing the right Betta fish tank isn’t easy. Sure they can survive in tiny fish bowls but these are actually harmful to our fish. A couple things to keep in mind when selecting the best Betta tank are:

  • Betta fish swim to the surface to breath air, lowering the demand for in tank aeration.
  • Keep water movement low as Betta fish prefer little to no water movement. Too much movement will stress out your Betta fish and often lead to illness.
  • Betta fish grow on average to be three inches long and do need some swimming space. Always allow at least 1 gallon for your Betta fish tank.
  • A Betta tank can house other fish as well.
  • Never keep two male Betta in the same tank. They aren’t called the Siamese fighting fish for nothing. Two males will not stop fighting until at least of them has died. It is not uncommon for both fish to die due to injury.

Yellow Betta Fish

When Breeding Betta fish I always found it key to seek small Betta fish tanks that could easily support themselves with little interaction. If I had been cleaning twenty 10 gallon tanks there’s no way I’d still be sane. Thankfully these tanks really take a lot of work out of successful fish keeping. Now why am I talking about breeding? Simple. Each new fry was given its own Betta fish tank to mature in. For many owners this is as far into the hobby as they go, which is perfectly fine.

On to our main point, the market is currently over saturated with tanks claiming to be the best or most innovative Betta fish tank available. Sadly many companies are in this just for the money and not the fish. For this reason a plethora of online guide have rose from the aquarist community and serve to make buying the right items easier. Each tank here has not only my own use and personal satisfaction. Each tank has stunning reviews along with helpful tips to get the most out of your Betta Fish tank.

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit

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This tank was always housed my most beautiful Betta fish. The simple yet attractive design compliments our Betta’s long flowing fins.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Lighting, filtration and circulation all provided (huge cost removal)
  • Discreet placement of equipment for the most natural look
  • Strong glass


  • Circulation may require quick modification(done in under a minute)

Located atop the aquarium is a highly efficient and powerful LED lighting set-up. Consisting of 31 lamps, the light illuminates Betta fish perfectly and really brings out their color. As stated earlier these lamps are quite powerful and will easily grow most plants you place in the aquarium. Only the highest of light demanding plants will need additional lighting. Personally I loved to use java fern in my Betta fish tank. Plants add oxygen and reduce toxic nitrates as they grow, providing a much safer and more stable environment to your Betta. For those worrying about the lights strength heating the tank, the lights provide very little if any heat. They are just too efficient to waste power on heat.

Continuing to the tank itself Betta fish will appreciate the space provided in the 2.6 gallon set-up. The glass Is sturdy thankfully, as I always manage to bump into something when carrying tanks, and has nice aluminum trimmed edges. Once you have edges that look this nice you’ll wonder how you ever had black plastic or globs of silicone.

The top of the tank has an opening that allows for both easy feeding and maximum light to enter the tank. The lid rests on the top of the aquarium with small plastic feet on the lid. This keeps the lid safe and secure while staying easy to remove. You’ll mostly only be removing the lid to do small water changes and wipe the inside glass clean.

Attached to the side of the tank is the filter and circulation portion. While it is a bit tricky to put on this should only take a few minutes. This is made up of Acrylic and plastic of a high quality. As the water is sucked through the filter debris is captured by the media bags and the water is treated via the activated carbon. This keeps your water clear, removes any odor and provides your Betta fish with water flow. A big note is how the circulation starts off far too strong for a Betta fish. This of course is adjustable, with many owners even blocking off part of the outlet to reduce the circulation power further. I simply pointed the circulation at the wall and set it to the lowest setting. This reduced the water flow to a gentle current that my Bettas always enjoyed. I could swear other Bettas would even stare in envy of the lucky inhabitant.

“Wait I only saw two stages of filtration!”

Silly me I passed right over the third part. Included with the filter are small BioMax bio rings. These act as a breeding grounds for beneficial bacteria that completes the nitrogen cycle. In short this cycle breaks toxic ammonia and nitrite into far less dangerous nitrates. Plants and water changes are needed to remove nitrates. This is why my tanks are always heavily planted and require next to no water changes.

As I live in the hot south I don’t need a heater to keep my Betta fish happy. Maybe I’m crazy but my house sits around 78 degrees most days and I still sleep with a blanket. Anyways many owners will find themselves in need of a heater. Unfortunately the Spec III does not have a built in heater, but a heater can easily be added by cutting out a small section in the black plastic and slipping the cord inside. Remember to always keep your heater set to the correct water level.

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

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Again this recommendation is due to my Betta breeding past. The Umbra Hotel Aquarium Lets you stack aquariums safely to form one extravagant looking Betta tower.


  • Stackable
  • Cubic
  • Durable glass
  • Wood frame


  • No extra space. Single Bettas only
  • Design can obscure fish
  • Difficult to keep clean

Simply put you should not look at this Betta fish tank if you live in a cold area or keep your house very cold (under 70). There is very little room to spare and placing a heater in the tank will make it too small to hold your Betta fish. To use this tank the room must stay fairly warm.

The Umbra Hotel is exceptional at displaying Betta fish in a cool and unique container. The all glass sides making cleaning just a simple wipe down. The problem is if you do stack these you will need to unstack them every time you clean them. Be careful while doing this as they will weight a little more than 15 pounds when filled with water.

A second note would be that these do look beautiful when stacked in a display such as the one I used to have but there is nothing to hold the tanks in place. If you have kids or animals who love to run(same thing?) then you may not want to stack these. I personally installed some velcro along the back rims of the tanks to give them some sticking power. After that the tanks never rocked around and of course did not fall.

Unlike the other tanks the Umbra does not come with any equipment. Having a well lit room may be enough for some owners but I enjoyed setting up these tanks with different colored LED lights behind them.

A lack of a filter is where the stacking comes into play. By feeding your Betta fish a reasonable amount the water will not get dirty very quickly. Any and all detritus will fall to the floor as the tank has no flow. This means you will have to manually clean off the bottom of the tank to avoid toxic build up. This should only take a few seconds if you have one or two of these tanks. When you really stack them up like I did that’s when they become a hassle to clean.

Overall I absolutely loved having a ton of these Umbras stacked up with different colors behind them. It creates a beautiful display that no one can resist looking at. Care takes a bit more work as there’s no included equipment/space for equipment but the time this takes is minimal. A bit of work for a unique look.

The Original Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit

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Thankfully I still had the manual around for this one. The older Fluval spec is a bit smaller than the III but still packs value into every component it has.


  • Built in 31 bulb LED lighting
  • Adjustable lighting neck
  • 3 Stage filtration system
  • Included circulation pump
  • Filtration and circulation hidden from view
  • Extra space for add on equipment


  • No cover for top hole
  • Filter needs quick adjustment

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve included an older model of the Fluval Spec. While the new model certainly brings in a different look, the original Fluval can match different environments. Combine this with the adjustable neck and more compact size and the two become very different choices.

The filtration system is again a three stage system. By drawing the water through the filter media, Biomax insert and activated carbon the water is cleaned in three separate methods. First the filter media catches debris to keep your tank clean. Next the Biomax insert hosts beneficial bacteria that eats away at toxic ammonia and nitrites in the water, keeping the water parameters safer for a much longer time. For the last step the water is passed through the activated carbon. This removes any odors, fixes water discoloration such as tannins leeching from wood as well as removing any remaining impurities in the water. Suffice to say the filtration process is enough to maintain the best Betta fish tank possible.

This is where I would like to add the note about the small filter adjustment. Betta fish like very still water, almost stagnant. In fact even the lowest setting on this circulation pump can disturb some of the weaker swimmers. The quick and easy solution here is to cut out a small piece of sponge and place it over, not inside, the filter output. This slows the circulation immensely and creates the perfect Betta fish environment. While some Betta may not need this adjustment I would always add it before adding the Betta fish. The black sponge provided with the tank is nearly invisible once in place. The longest part is finding the scissors.(Five pairs and I still can’t keep track of a single one!)

While no heater comes included in the unit many small aquarium heaters can be placed in the back of the compartment and remain out of sight. A small but useful note as Betta tanks will quickly look cluttered using in tank heaters.

The LED light strip comes attached to a flexible goose neck base. This attaches to the back of the tank and can grow moderate light demanding plants. Unlike many aquarium lights these LED bulbs provide the full spectrum of natural daylight.

After a few years of owning the tank one of my LED bulbs burned out. While sad I called Fluval doubting that anything would happen yet a week later I had a free replacement! Needless to say I was one happy customer there.

To install and remove the light you will need to use the allen key that is provided. This allows you to swap out the light or just plain not use it. This can come in handy for fitting the tank into small spaces such as desk cubbies or book shelves.

Underneath the light is a round hole that allows the light to enter the tank freely while also giving us the ability to easily feed our Betta. The lid sits comfortably atop the tank and can be removed for quick cleaning sessions. While my Betta fish never jumped I have heard stories of others jumping through this hole. If you are worried you can put a layer of plastic over this hole to prevent any escapes. Again it hasn’t happened to me in 5 years so it seems an unlikely story but you may still wish to take caution.

Personally I like the look of this model over the newer spec. The Gooseneck light really helps me set the look of the tank and the filter does a fantastic job of keeping the Betta tank clean. Add in a bit of decoration and this becomes a Betta dream home.

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit

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Coming in at a 1.1 gallon size, the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Kit features one of the smallest Betta safe tank sizes available.


  • Built in LED lights
  • Very low price
  • Compact design
  • More traditional curved glass Betta tank


  • Constructed of plastic rather than glass
  • Light requires batteries or additional power cord (micro USB)
  • No extra space for filtration or heater

I’ll be frank here. This is more of the kids gift version of a Betta fish tank. Without any space for a filtration system the tank must be cleaned every week and fed responsibly. This teaches the importance of not over feeding very quickly. Any excess food will quickly contaminate the water making a water change necessary.

So why is this on the best Betta fish tank list? It is a low cost tank that serves its purpose well, comes with an add on light and lasts a very long time. The draw back of the low cost is that the tank takes more effort to maintain.

The lighting that comes with the tank may be positioned freely as sits in a grooved section on the top of the tank. While many will choose to place this light underneath the tank I highly advise against that. Lights underneath fish can disorient them and make them feel less safe. A top or rear mounted light works best.

The light requires a micro USB cord to be powered continuously and can become a travel tank powered by 3 AA batteries.

The lid that the light rests on features a small feeding hole that also opens up the lid. The lid does not feature a hole to let the light through the tank so I suggest you only grow low light plants in this tank. This allows you to still grow the java fern, one of the plants Betta fish absolutely adore.

When cleaning the tank be sure to use soft cloths that have not been exposed to soaps. You may want to keep a small micro fiber cloth nearby that you rinse and allow to dry after each use. Using soap cleaned cloths can poison the water where as harsher materials can scratch the tank.

In Closing

While buying a Betta fish tank may not be easy I hope this guide has given you the insight to make an informed selection. Remember to always think ahead and select proper lighting, filtration and heating. Giving your Betta fish tank the right equipment will set your tank on the path to an easy, safe and most importantly happy environment for your Betta.

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