Cobalt MJ1200 Powerhead Review

View On Amazon Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Max Height/Head 295 GPH 6″ x 3″ x 2″ 15-40 Gallons Very Low 7+ Years 69″ The Cobalt MJ1200 is the revival of the older Maxi-jet powerhead. Unlike the newer Maxi-jets, which have been downgraded to cheaper materials and production in China, the Cobalt MJ1200 … Read more Cobalt MJ1200 Powerhead Review

Best Aquarium Powerhead 2018

Tunze Turbelle Koralia Evolution Maxspect XF SunSun JVP Series GPH 475-2100 600-1500 230-5300 530-6340* Tank Size 10-265 25-175 25-800 20-200 Noise Level Near Silent Low Very Low Medium-low Longevity 4-12+ Years 2-8 Years 2-6 Years 2 Months- 2 Years Price Medium-High Medium High Low Finding the right powerhead for your tank can be the difference … Read more Best Aquarium Powerhead 2018