Saltwater vs Freshwater

When delving into the world of aquariums it is important to find which side you’re on, fresh or salt. The difference in maintenance, cost, fish choices and all the small nuances between saltwater vs freshwater aquariums makes it quite a difficult choice. Choosing the wrong type of aquarium can easily put people against the aquarium … Read more Saltwater vs Freshwater

Selecting Aquarium Substrate

Best Aquarium Substrate Guide The material found at the bottom of your aquarium is known as substrate. Choices for color and style are numerous, offering every aquarist the experience of personalizing their tank. Aquarium substrate sizes range from fine grains of sand to large stones. These can readily be chosen to create a natural, homely … Read more Selecting Aquarium Substrate

Finding The Best Aquarium Gravel

For brand new aquarists to those with 10 years under their belt, getting the best aquarium gravel is key for starting your new tanks off right. This means knowing your fish and plants substrate requirements, what effects adding specific gravel will have on your PH and even how the gravel will look in a finished … Read more Finding The Best Aquarium Gravel

Aquarium Chemistry: Water Hardness, pH, gH, And kH

When maintaining aquatic life we are told to look out for pH and water hardness. That’s typically the end of fish store briefing, yet there is much more to learn about maintaining the perfect aquarium chemistry. Even where you live may have a huge impact on your water chemistry. By learning how to control these … Read more Aquarium Chemistry: Water Hardness, pH, gH, And kH

Temperature Swings In the Aquarium

Consistent temperature is essential to aquatic life. As pets, aquarium fish have very few threats on their lives. Of these threats stress is the most frequent killer of our beloved fish. What Does Infrequent Temperature Do? As the temperature changes in the aquarium our fish must adapt to their new environment. Constantly changing between a … Read more Temperature Swings In the Aquarium

How To Culture Copepods

Culturing copepods is one of the more time consuming tasks in the marine aquarium hobby. The fact of the matter is that some fish just cannot be kept without a strong presence of these “pods” making for difficult creatures to keep. This is especially true when breeding fish, as fry will almost certainly be unable … Read more How To Culture Copepods