Homasy 80 GPH Pump Review

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GPH Dimensions Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
80 GPH 1.87″ x 1.68″ x 1.24″ 2.6′ Very Low 3-6 Years Impossibly Low

The Homasy 80 GPH water pump is a low cost, multi purpose pump produced by VicTsing. The water flow is consistent, however it loses a lot of its strength when traveling vertically. If you need only a small amount of water flow or are unsure if you want to use water pumps at all, the Homasy could be your answer.

Noise, Head & Flow

One of the biggest pros about small pumps like this is their noise level, The Homasy pump is so quiet you will hear the water moving more than the motor running. The only exception here is if something gets caught in the rotor.

The maximum head is a small 2.6 feet, which limits this pump dramatically. If you need the water to go higher the pump can typically handle it, however you will only get a trickle out of it then. For aquariums this limits the flow to automatic top-off set ups or maybe small betta tanks with waterfalls.

The Homasy can be used for water flow, making it a makeshift powerhead, but this will be for either slow moving fish or nano tanks.


The intake is covered by a fine grate, with each opening measuring a small .15″. Only fry or long armed shrimp could hurt themselves on this rotor.

The Homasy uses a triple suction cup mount to hold it in place. This is more than enough to support its small body. Remember to take the tubes weight into account when placing this water pump. It accepts both 8.5mm and 13mm tubes with its interchangeable nozzles.

The cord is 4.9 feet or 1.5 meters. This means the pump has to stay somewhat close to the power source.

The pump comes apart at the grated end, which also holds the flow control valve. Simply pull off the cover, clean off the rotor and replace the grate. For an extra clean, brand new rotor feel you can soak the rotor end of the pump in a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar for 15 minutes. Rinse off the powerhead before returning it to the water.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow can be dialed back from its maximum 80 GPH, which makes this even more of a betta powerhead when viewed by aquarists. Freshwater enthusiasts who own the african dwarf frog can also get a lot of value out of this pump, as most powerheads can easily suck them in.

Even at max speed it’s hard to find much aquarium use for this pump. If you are looking for sumps, refugiums or any other fast water moving system you will need a lot more power.

Warranty & Lifetime

Despite the bare bottom price, VicTsing offers a 45 day money back guarantee along with a 12 month warranty. During this time you can expect to find any faulty rotors, bent nozzles or frayed cords. These are all quite uncommon, however you should always inspect electronics when dealing with aquariums. The 45 day money back guarantee is more in place for those who find they need more power, making this a risk free purchase.

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