Hydor Koralia Nano Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
240 GPH 3.5″ x 3″ x 3″ 16-28 Gallons Very Low 3-6 Years Medium
425 GPH 3.5″ x 3″ x 3″ 28-50 Gallons Very-Low 3-6 Years Medium
565 GPH 3.5″ x 3″ x 3″ 40-65 Gallons Very Low 3-6 Years Medium

The Hydor Koralia Nano is a mid priced powerhead that brings some serious quality to the table. It puts out very little water flow and is quite small. As its name implies it is meant for nano tanks only.

The mounting device is a combination of magnet and suction cup, and the noise level is well below what lower priced powerheads put out. While it is said to be compatible with wave-timers, it makes a loud noise when switched on, making this a bad idea.


As most powerheads the Koralia Nano needs to have its power removed to switch off. This means you will either have to

a.) unplug it

b.) Use a timer

c.) Shut off its power strip (if one is used)

I typically keep mine running 24/7 so this isn’t an issue, but those who love wave-makers should look elsewhere. When left running the powerhead will be completely silent.

Next up you will need to see what kind of fish you have. Unlike most powerheads, the Koralia Nano comes with a cord protector, which protects it from fish who can damage it. Typically this includes urchins, triggers, puffers and parrot fish. This will make the cord far less flexible, but it is well worth the protection it provides.

The cord itself is pretty long, coming in at 1.5 meters or just under 5 feet. The length combined with its intended tank size means you should have no trouble with the cord or placement.

A final note here is that the power on this particular model seems a bit below what is listed. Being that it is for nano tanks this should be almost no issue, but it is something to keep in mind.


The Koralia Nano comes ready to go and is fairly easy to take apart. By placing the powerhead underwater it can be taken apart with minimal effort. If you are having trouble taking it apart do not use excessive force and instead let it sit under water awhile before attempting to open.

An odd design choice is the top mounted power cord. While this is likely to allow the cord to be closer to the top of the tank, it also makes the powerhead much harder to angle upwards.

Keep in mind that the long cord makes drip loops easy to set up. While it can be tedious they prevent serious accidents such as fires. never go without these.

The Design of the powerhead creates a small casing that prevents small fish from swimming into the powerhead. Again this must be done as the powerhead is meant for much smaller tanks, and therefore smaller fish.

Like most powerheads the Koralia Nano can run in reverse after some wear has occurred. This is caused by the impeller being damaged or out of place. You can often get the motor running normally by pushing it in with a meat skewer or toothpick. To prevent this from happening in the first place, only clean out the impellers mount with soft materials. Any scratches to the mount or impeller often cannot be undone.

The controller meant to be used with the Koralia Nano, while highly functional, is actually less than ideal. The loud starting sound the Koralia Nano makes on startup can startle fish, and is not something you should have happen on schedule.

The suction cup and magnetic mounting is an excellent combination that allows the Koralia nano to have a lower cost while not relying only on a suction cup for support. The magnet itself isn’t the strongest one in the world, but it is more than enough for a nanotank.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow on the Koralia Nano is below what is expected, making it excellent for nano tanks or those who want a really low flow rate. Its round body allows for a well distributed and gentle flow. The front of the powerhead has a very small opening, keeping out almost all fish when shut off. While on the flow itself will keep fish away.

The powerhead is easy to rotate and can face any way that the user desires. The problem here is the power cord can push the powerhead around, making staying in place difficult. To counter this you can place the powerhead upside down and it will be much easier to adjust.

Unlike other powerheads i do not suggest using any sort of diffusion with this powerhead. It works best when pointed horizontally, creating a small amount of surface agitation but focusing its power towards the tank. It is unlikely any marine fish will have trouble with the flow produced here, but if you are housing some slow moving freshwater fish you will still need rest zones. These are created by big pieces of decoration/aquascape such as rocks or wood.

Warranty & Lifetime

The warranty supplied with the Hydor Koralia lasts a full 2 years. This will easily cover any defects and allows the Koralia Nano to reach its full lifetime easily. You can easily contact the support by emailing them at [email protected] or calling 1-916-920-5222. The customer service is amazing and they will often help you without proof of purchase. Just treat them nicely! They’re people too.

The lifetime on the Hydor Koralia Nano is amazing, coming in between 3 and 6 years on average. The main factors that reduce this life are rough handling and lack of cleaning. Remember that the body is designed to come apart and does not need massive force to open. If you are using more strength than a child could have you are probably trying too hard.

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