Seio P1500 Prop Pump Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
1500 GPH 4.2″ x 2.1″ x 2.6″ 60-200 Gallons Low 2-6 Years Medium

The Seio P1500 holds the middle ground between normal and high quality pumps. It features a strong ceramic shaft and prop impeller combo. These form a powerful current, that is well distributed by the boxy frame of the powerhead. All in all it’s a great powerhead, but the flow is so distributed it can feel weaker than it actual is.


Setting up the Seio P1500 is a fairly quick process. To attach the magnetic mount you will need to remove the front cover/main housing, slide the mount into place on the bottom of the powerheads base and then finish by sliding the front cover back into place.

With the magnetic base in place you will need to attach the powerhead to the aquarium glass. This is done by placing the exterior magnet outside of the aquarium. For the safest result place the exterior magnet just above where it will actual go and slide it down into place. This keeps the magnets from jumping together, which can crack or even shatter aquarium glass.

After everything is in place you can start up the powerhead. You will notice a quick bout of rattling followed by a barely audible hum. The clattering sound is caused by the impeller getting into place. Because this is quite loud you will not want to use the Seio P1500 as a wave maker. Additionally frequent on/offs will cause excessive stress on the impeller, shortening its lifetime drastically.

A final note here is the power cord, which measures a decent 6 feet long. This gives you a fair amount of freedom when placing the powerhead, but it may not be enough for tall 200 gallon tanks.


Taking apart the Seio P1500 isn’t difficult, but it certainly takes much longer than the average powerhead. First you will need to remove the powerhead from the aquarium. Remember to put the external magnet somewhere safe. Next we must remove the main housing and well cover lock nut.

After these two have been removed you can remove the impeller well cover, giving you access to the impeller, ceramic shaft and impellers mount. these three parts are the main cause of powerhead failure and should be cleaned every month or two. To clean them simply soak in a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar for a minimum of 15 minutes, followed by cleaning them off with a soft material. A simple cotton swab works wonders. Rinse and reassemble the powerhead before returning it to the tank.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow speed on the Seio P1500 is not adjustable. Likewise the pump is not suitable in pulse or wave maker settings due to the loud rattling sound on start up.

The direction of the flow can be set with a 160 degree range, while the powerhead itself can be rotated by turning the magnets. This gives near 360 degree control. Remember the flow is highly distributed. Angling it downwards as much as you would for other powerheads can easily cause a sandstorm. Fine tune the direction over the course of one day and you should have your sweet spot.

Warranty & Lifetime

Seio provides their pumps with a 6 month warranty which covers most damages and all faulty equipment. That being said you should not disregard maintenance and rely on the warranty.

The lifetime On the Seio P1500 can range anywhere between 6 months and six years. To get only size months you will need to severely neglect the powerhead and refuse any and all cleanings. If you clean the powerhead regularly you can easily expect 4-7 years. Taking an extra hour a month to clean out all my aquarium equipment keeps everything running, and the Seio P1500 is no different.

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