Supreme Mag Drive 350 gph Utility Pump Review

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Mag Drive 3 Specs
GPH Dimensions Outlet/Inlet Size Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
350 GPH 5″ x 3.8″ x 4.2″ 1/2″ MPT, 1/2″ FPT 7′ Medium 5+ Years Medium

The mag Drive 350 GPH utility pump is a bit pricey for the gph it delivers. It does however come with a more reliable impeller than larger models while also pushing more water than advertised.

The Mag Drive can be a bit of a noisy pump, but is fairly easy to quiet. Overall it’s a great pump, however I would recommend the 500 model instead if you can handle the water flow.


There isn’t a whole lot to do when setting this pump up. You will need tubing to fit the 1/2″ FPT inlet and 1/2″ MPT outlet. You can also choose to install a throttle valve so that you can control the flow of the pump.

The base of the pump is a simple flat stand. It is quieter than the larger models, which ave absolutely no stand. As these pumps can cause a fair amount of noise you may want to place a rubber mat underneath the pump. You can even take it a step further, following Tunze’s practice, and use four separate rubber mounts. This is how I keep mine indoors without driving the family crazy.

Submerging the pump will make it quieter, while also removing the need for a second tube. The problem here is heat generation. Mag Drives are a bit infamous for raising the waters temperature a few degrees. In hot climates like mine that can be an absolute deal breaker, which is why my pump runs externally.

Finally the cord is a solid 10 feet which lets you place the pump virtually anywhere. Mine sits right next to an outlet, but not so close that it could spray water should a hose get yanked on, and therefore has most of the wire tied together.


Mag Drive has a nice and easy to use design. The front of the pump comes off via 4 screws on the front of the pump. With this part removed you can clean out the pump and impeller.

Remember: The impeller and mount are both magnetic and must be treated with care. Any and all scratches will almost certainly doom the impeller. Replacing these costs about $15. Use soft materials to avoid this.

If there is a lot of build up on the impeller and you cannot get it off without force, try soaking it in a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. This will remove most of the gunk. After that you can wipe it off with a cotton swab. I like using those as they can scrub somewhat hard without damaging the impeller.

The rest of the pump can be cleaned with vigorous scrubbing. Do not use any materials that have seen chemical use, as this can easily harm fish.

Flow & Adjustments
GPH at 0′ GPH at 1′ GPH at 3′ GPH at 5′ GPH at 7′
480 405 335 270 170

The flow on this model is well above advertised. This is generally true for the small Mag Drive pumps, though this model seems to get the most extra power.

Note: 7 feet is much taller than many aquarists need. Measure your planned set up and ensure you are not getting too much pump. If you have inadequate draining this pump can easily cause flooding/water damage.

Because this pump has so much power, you may need to give it multiple exits for smaller tanks. Doing so will make the flow much more gentle and reduce any splash back.

Warranty & Lifetime

Mag Drive pumps come with a 5 year limited warranty. This covers all non moving parts including the filter and accessories. The impeller and motor are covered by a separate warranty that lasts for a single year. It does not cover damage caused by excessive build up, running the pump dry or any user error.

This is a bit annoying, as the impeller is the most frequently damaged part. Thankfully it isn’t too expensive to replace once the warranty ends.

On average Mag drive pumps will last between 5-7 years. If you keep the intake clean, reducing the stress on the motor, and don’t mind replacing the impeller the pump can run for over a decade. The Mag Drive 350 gph certainly provides great value per year, provided you treat it right.

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