Supreme Mag Drive 950 gph Utility Pump Review

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Mag Drive 9.5 Specs
GPH Dimensions Outlet/Inlet Size Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
950 GPH 5″ x 3″ x 5.5″ 3/4″ MPT, 3/4″ FPT 10′ Medium 7+ Years Medium-High

The Mag Drive 9.5, 950 gph utility pump is one of the most universally accepted pumps in the aquatic community. While its noise factor is above average, so is the flow rate. Even when climbing a significant head the Mag Drive 950 gph pump manages to keep a decent flow going. For outdoor pumps and sound proofed cabinets, there is no better choice than the Mag Drive utility pump.


The main issue when setting up the Mag Drive 950 gph pump is keeping it quiet without heating your aquarium. When submerged this model will create a fair amount of heat, raising the water temperature a few degrees. This can be a good thing for colder areas and an absolute nightmare for warm places like mine. If you cannot have any heat generation in the water you will need to run the pump externally.

To run the Mag Drive 950 gph pump externally you will need to fit the intake with a second tube. The intake has a 3/4″ female pipe thread(FPT) while the output is a 3/4″ MPT.

When positioning the pump you should think about sound generation. Even if you are using this for an outdoor pond you will not want to hear the pump. I have found that using four rubber holders will reduce the sound dramatically. You can also hide the pump in a box to reduce the noise, however this can trap a lot of heat and damage the pump.

The power cord is a solid 10 feet long, which allows you to place this pump pretty much anywhere. Ensure the cord doesn’t run into any high traffic areas. If it runs along the grass I recommend placing a flag beside it as a reminder when doing yard work.


While only one part, two if you buy the pre-filter attachment, comes off of the pump, it is more difficult than most to open. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to open the body up.

Once the cover is off you can remove the impeller and clean out the pump. This should be done every 1-3 months, depending on what conditions the pump is running in. The less stressful the environment, the less important cleanings will be.

The impeller should be soaked in a mixture of 50% water 50% vinegar for no less than 15 minutes. This will remove most buildups without damaging the impeller via tough scrubbing. Rinse off all of the components before reassembling. Ensure all tubes are secured before starting the pump.

Flow & Adjustments
GPH at 0′ GPH at 1′ GPH at 3′ GPH at 5′ GPH at 7′ GPH at 10′
975 780 740 685 610 450

The flow rate cannot be adjusted without moving the pump or adding on a throttle valve. For my tank this turned out to be essential as I needed a very specific gph.

The Mag Drive 950 gph pump actually puts out a bit more force than advertised. This is a big plus as all pumps lose power when climbing any vertical distance.

The Mag Drive 9.5 is one of the best at maintaining its power when climbing, which is why it is one of the most popular models available.

Warranty & Lifetime

The Mag Drive 950 gph pump comes with a 5 year limited warranty. This covers all non moving parts of the pump. The moving parts are covered under a separate warranty that lasts for one year. This is a bit frustrating, as these parts are far more likely to break than the rest of the pump.

When well cared for most owners will see the pump lasting well over 6 years, often stretching into a decade. This, however, will often require replacing the impeller a few times. While this is relatively cheap you should still factor the cost of 1-3 new impellers to the overall cost.

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