Supreme Mag Drive Utility Pump Review

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Mag Drive Pump Specs
GPH Dimensions Outlet/Inlet Size Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
250 GPH 5″ x 3.8″ x 4.2″ 1/2″ MPT, 1/2″ FPT 5′ Medium 5+ Years Very-High
350 GPH 5″ x 3.8″ x 4.2″ 1/2″ MPT, 1/2″ FPT 7′ Medium 5+ Years Medium
500 GPH 5″ x 3.8″ x 4.2″ 1/2″ MPT, 1/2″ FPT 7′ Medium 5+ Years Medium
700 GPH 5″ x 3.8″ x 4.2″ 1/2″ MPT, 1/2″ FPT 10′ Medium 5+ Years Medium-High
950 GPH 5″ x 3″ x 5.5″ 3/4″ MPT, 3/4″ FPT 10′ Medium 7+ Years Medium-High
1200 GPH 6.4″ x 4.5″ x 4.6″ 3/4″ MPT, 3/4″ FPT 10′ Medium 5+ Years High
1800 GPH 6.4″ x 4.5″ x 4.6″ 3/4″ MPT, 3/4″ FPT 16′ Medium 5+ Years High
2400 GPH 7.25″ x 4″ x 5.25″ 1″ MPT, 1″ FPT 17′ Medium 5+ Years High

Supreme Mag Drives utility pump is one of the most frequently recommended pump in the aquatic community. It has the ability to push water at an amazing rate, maintaining the flow rate at higher heads than most other pumps.

The Supreme Mag Drive model 2, 3, 5 & 9.5 all have higher gph than listed while the other models run slightly lower. While this may seem deceptive at first, the company has put out an easy to read size chart.

Nominal is the gph listed on the box. With some quick measuring you can easily find the pump that matches your exact needs.


There isn’t much to do here. The pump comes fully assembled with no method of attachment included. This means the pump will be resting on its body. As you may have guessed, this produces a fair amount of noise.

Take a note from Tunze and place a few rubber holders between the pump and its resting spot. I use my pump inline, which allows me to use old cup coasters as padding. In general the more surfaces you use the quieter the pump will be. Just be sure that the pump is held at an even level so that it does not fall.

Even after the pump has been muffled it will still produce a fair amount of noise. When submerged this is less of an issue, but the pump generates heat. This can be a big issue for those without chillers. For this reason the pump is often used only for outdoor ponds or in soundproofed cabinets.

A good note is the 10 foot power cord. This allows Mag Drive to be placed almost anywhere. Just remember the pump is fairly big and will need tubing.


My main issue is that the pre-filter shown in the manual is not included with the pump. Instead only the foam pre-filter is provided. This can keep a lot of the debris out of your pump, however it will not protect any fish. For this reason I cannot recommend this pump for in tank use without adding on the pre-filter attachment.

Cleaning the pump is quick and easy. Only the front cover and impeller are intended to be removed. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver for this. Once they are removed you can soak the impeller in a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar solution for 20 minutes while you clean out the rest of the pump. Remember to completely remove any buildups, especially if you are using the pump for saltwater.

Rinse off all the parts and reassemble in reverse order. Ensure all tubing is secured before restarting the pump.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow is where this pump absolutely shines. Even over long heads the pump can maintain a high gph rating. Most pumps will peter out well before the Mag Drive. However you cannot adjust the flow rate without adding an additional valve. Be sure to pick the right size to avoid any complications.

Warranty & Lifetime

There is a limited 5 year warranty covering the Mag Drive utility pump. It covers the body, cover, filter and its accessories. This does not cover the impeller, which has a much shorter 11 year warranty covering it. As the impeller is the most likely part to break, this is fairly frustrating. Luckily it is fairly cheap to replace once the warranty ends.

When using the warranty to repair or replace many of the pumps parts you will be asked to cover a $5 shipping fee. Nothing too big but you would expect the warranty to cover that.

Most Mag Drives will live to see over 5 years of use. Many of the older models have lived past the 10 year mark and not much has changed since the original design. If you are willing to replace the impeller a few times you can easily see over 10 years from this powerful pump.

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