API Panaview Aquarium Kit Review

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Tank Size Lighting Filtration Longevity Price
5 Gallons Multi-color LED API Super Clean 10 4+ Years Low

The API Panaview Aquarium kit is a great place for both new and experienced aquarists alike. The tank is built quite well, with a snug fitting lid and a strong, impact resistant acrylic construction. It comes with both a light and filter, ready to support medium demanding fish and plants.

The Panaview has a highly adaptive hood, allowing new lights to be installed with ease and filtration upgrades if they are needed, which would be the case for nano reefs. Overall it is a fantastic kit for a freshwater set up and a great base aquarium kit for nano reefs.


Before placing anything inside the aquarium choose a spot. With gravel, water and components all inside the aquarium can become heavy and difficult to move. The tank will need to be near an electrical outlet or power strip. The kit includes both a light and filter, which will be both need their own outlet. If you will be using an aquarium heater, that will be a total of three outlets the tank will need.

While both the light and filter are more than enough for the tank, I like to use a small Penn Plax hang on back filter in place of the internal filter provided. This will increase the water volume, cut down on mechanical distractions inside the tank, increase swimming space and provide extra filtration. The provided API Superclean internal filter is still quite powerful, bringing enough strength for a conservative 10 gallon tank, so don’t think it is too weak for this kit. Keep in mind both of these filter provide great surface agitation, which aerates the water. This removed the need for an air pump, which is fantastic as they are typically quiet noisy. A second note is that these filters are not designed for betta fish and may cause them trouble when swimming. Turn down the Penn Plax’s flow or block the outlet of the API Superclean if you own or plan to own a betta fish.

To fill the tank first add the gravel and even it out. Next you will want to add the water, which can either be from a reverse osmosis unit or straight from the tap. With tap water you will need to test the levels of the water, which can be done at any PetCo for free. Be sure to match the pH with the fish you will be keeping.

To add the water I suggest placing something on top of the gravel to pour the water onto, such as the heater or filter. This will prevent the water from knocking the gravel around, making it uneven.

With the water in place you will want to set up the filter and heater if you are using one. The Api Superclean filter comes with an adjustable hook, allowing it to easily fit into the tank and stay in place. A suction cup is located near the bottom to hold the filter in place and reduce noise caused by vibration. The heater will need to be attached to the side of the tank.

These will both require a section of the lid be removed. The lid has several break away parts designed for this. Only break away one section and fit both the filter and heaters cord through this section. To reduce evaporation and eliminate the possibility of any jumping fish I like to reseal the lid with plastic wrap.

Remember: Both of these components will be underwater and plugged in to an electrical outlet. Be sure to set up a drip loop to ensure there is no risk of fire. A drip loop is when the electrical cord makes a u shape before it reaches the outlet, preventing water from running directly down the cord into the outlet.

The Light works using a single button located on top of the lid. It allows you to cycle between seven different colors. Simply keep pressing the button until it reaches your desired color.

The cut out located just below the lights button is designed for an aquarium heater. The cut out section allows you to turn the knob on the top of the heater without reaching into the tank. While this may sound ideal to use, you should not have to adjust the temperature very often. As such I opt to keep the lids break away section intact and keep the heater fully submerged. The choice is ultimately yours.

Warranty & Lifetime

The company of Koller Craft is responsible for the customer service of this tank, and they do a great job of taking care of their customers. Should any component of the tank be damaged, lid, light of filter, they are quick to respond and replace the item free of charge. Should you ever need to contact them directly simply email [email protected]

The tank is covered by a strong two year warranty, with the company quickly jumping to help those in need. Simply put this is customer service done right.

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