Aleko G2950 Submersible Water Pump Review

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GPH Dimensions Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
210 GPH 2.875″ x 3.5″ x 2″ 4.5′ Very Low 1-4 Years Impossibly Low

The Aleko G2950 is a low cost pump that moves a moderate amount of water. While it will be unable to match any over flow boxes and cannot be used inside canister filters, it does support automatic top off systems, out door ponds and fountains, refugiums and water changes. If you aren’t sure about using a water pump but are ready to give them a try, the Aleko G2950 is an excellent place to start.


Setting up the Aleko G2950 only takes a few minutes. Ensure that all four of the suction cups are in place and press them onto their surface. The pump must be fully submerged to operate and will make quite a bit of noise if you try to run it only partially submerged.

The output nozzle accepts a 1/2″ ID tube. This is best purchased online, as hardware stores have severe mark ups on tubing. The problem this creates is tightly coiled tubing. In other words, the tubing comes wrapped in a coil, causing the tube to try and curve even after putting it into place. The suction cups on this pump are not made to fight a long tubes strength, which is why we will need to straighten the tubing.

To straighten curved tubing you can either use a heat gun on the tube while it is stretched into a straight shape. However most people do not own a heat gun. To replicate this effect you can either place the tubing outside on pavement or the roof of your house during a hot day or stretch it out in the bathtub and fill it with hot/boiling water. This will not be as effective as the heat gun, but I was able to get good enough results for the suction cups to hold the Aleko in place.

The intake of the pump is covered with a very small grate, which will prevent any large debris or fish from entering the pump. The grate is long enough so that nosy shrimp who stick their arms inside will not be harmed either. This was perfect for me as I had to banish my coral banded shrimp to the refugium after he lunged at my clowns.

Finally the cord measures a solid 4.5 feet, which typically give you enough room to place this pump where you need it. For larger operations where you need a longer cord you will likely need a pump with a better GPH.


There isn’t much to do when disassembling the Aleko. The front of the pump simply snaps off of the body, revealing the rotor. Keep this part clean and free of debris. Any resistance here will damage the rotor and add stress to the motor, shortening the life of this pump.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow on the Aleko is more than expected for the low price. It can push water well up to 4.5 feet. This will let you test out ideas like sumps, automatic indoor watering systems and assisted water changes. You will be losing some power as the water climbs however.

The flow rate can be dialed back using the flow control slider on the right side of the pump. The maximum flow will be 210 gallons per hours, however I could not get an accurate read from the lower settings. It does slow down significantly that’s for sure.

Warranty & Lifetime

Aleko offers a one year warranty specific to this pump. You will need to contact them at 253-872-3656 Monday-Friday 7am-5pm.

The pump itself can last a few years when well cared for, however you shouldn’t expect this pump to run for more than 4 years.

Overall the Aleko G2950 is a pretty good water pump and will easily let you know if you want more flow or if water pumps just aren’t for you.

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