Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand Review

Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand
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Size Dimensions Weight Capacity Price
29 Gallons 31.5 L x 14.4 W x 31 H inches 350 lbs Medium

The Fluval Accent aquarium stand provides stability for your home aquarium. With its espresso color, the Fluval Accent aquarium stand add a modern look to any room in your home. A full underneath cabinet equips you with plenty of storage room to place your aquarium equipment as well as external devices such as sumps or canister filters.

The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is part of the Fluval Accent kit. The rest of the Fluval Accent kit comes with purchasing the Fluval Accent aquarium. The kit is not mandatory, but is for people who are looking for devices to make fish-keeping easy. The Fluval Accent kit includes the stand, a 25 gallon aquarium with espresso trim to match, a heater/filter combination block, a Fluval LED light, and the Simpletec one-touch water-pump device to make water-changes as simple and quick as possible.

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The Fluval Accent aquarium stand's dimensions are 31.5 L x 14.4 W x 31 H inches. The Fluval Accent aquarium stand perfectly holds the 25 gallon aquarium that comes with the Fluval Accent kit. The kit aquarium is not mandatory to use. As the stand's dimensions dictate, any aquarium that does not surpass the weight capacity of 350 lbs when filled with water/decoration, and has smaller dimensions will fit on top. Tanks around the same gallon size can be used as well as smaller tanks such as nano tanks. Three great and common alternatives that will fit on top of this lovely stand are:

Durability & Design

The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is made from pressed wood. This makes the stand highly stable to hold a large weight capacity. The top can hold up to a 350 lb aquarium tank, and many of the shelves can hold up to 40 lbs or 50 lbs safely. The Fluval Accent can be placed on both flat flooring and carpet.

Fluval Edge Weight Capacity

There is a paper wrapper on the outside to give the stand its wood look. This means that the design can tear and be easily water damaged. Though, if using the Fluval Accent water-change system in the cabinet compartment, you should not have to worry about spilling water on top of the aquarium.

The design of the Fluval Accent aquarium stand is appealing and convenient. The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is convenient because it conceals a huge 2 cabinet storage underneath your aquarium. The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is appealing because it has a modern espresso color that will match any style home.

The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is designed to work with the Fluval Accent aquarium kit. The full kit has a long rectangular box to mount on the back of your aquarium. This box slides into the panel cut into the back of the Fluval accent stand. This long box has specific places to insert the 150 W heater, biological filter media, and filter cartridge that are included in the Fluval Accent kid. The rectangular box has a chocolate color and patterned design that resembles an elegnant fireplace. The rectangular box hides your aquarium equipment so that your aquarium looks clutter-free and gorgeous in your home.

If using the Fluval Accent kit, the Simpletec water-change system pumps will hang into the cabinet. Simply place the included water bucket into the cabinet, press the Simpletec button, and water will flow from your tank to the bucket. This makes for easy, mess-free water changes. Water changes will take around 10 minutes for 2 buckets with this mechanism. Water changes will need to be done at least once per month along with changing the filter sponge in the cartridge.


The Fluval Accent aquarium stand is estimated to take 60 minutes to set up. This manual will help you set the stand up. The set up is not as much complicated as a bit time-consuming. The parts included are:

Cam Lock System

The majority of the construction is done with the cam bolts and cam locks. To put wood panels together, tighten a cam bolt into the smaller holes in the panels. Then, insert a cam lock into the larger holes in the panels. Put the panels together, and screw the lock into the bolt to secure. Follow the manual pictures and use the pieces as indicated. This will be slightly time-consuming, but manageable with the directions.

Warranty & Lifetime

This Fluval Accent aquarium stand has Amazon's guaranteed 30 day warranty. If the item is unsatisfactory you will receive credit back minus shipping cost. If the item is damaged you will recieve full credit back at no return shipping cost. To get your refund on this item go to the Amazon site. On your Amazon account, click the stand and select get a return label. Amazon will ask you why you wish to return the item. Answer and print your return label. Package the stand securely in a box, and attach the return label to the outside. If there is already a label, be sure to attach the new return label over the top so that the UPS workers are not confused as to which label to use. Drop the secured package off at your local UPS store to ship back to Amazon.

The lifetime of your Fluval Accent aquarium stand should be upwards of 10 years since it is made of wood. However, if any water splashes on the stand this lifetime may be less. If the stand does get wet, make sure to towel dry or blow dry the stand immediately to prevent water damage. Note that if you use the Fluval Accent kit, the water-change device should prevent any need for water to splash onto the stand.


The Fluval Accent aquarium stand in total is best for buyers who wish to purchase the entire Fluval Accent kit. This kit means buying this stand along with the 25 gallon aquarium package that comes with a box mount, 150 W heater, lights, filter and water change system. The total package is slightly expensive, but great for those with a higher budget because it does make fish-keeping simple, and looks gorgeous in any home. For those with a smaller budget, I would advise trying this stand with a regular tank and equipment, or trying out the Petco Brooklyn stand which is very inexpensive and durable. The Petco Brooklyn stand does not have any fancy features, but does its job of holding a fish tank great.