Aquarium Lighting

To say there is one absolutely best form of aquarium lighting would be silly. Instead here is our list of lighting pages. Each page has a different focus, making selecting the perfect aquarium light easy

Best Freshwater Aquarium Lighting
LED Aquarium Lighting
Freshwater Aquarium LED Lighting
Saltwater Aquarium Lighting
Coral Growth Lights
10 Gallon Aquarium LED Lighting
Lemonbest Aquarium Light Review
Ekostore 12-19.5" LED Light Review
Nano Aquarium Lighting
Finnex Fugeray
Nicrew LED Aquarium Light Strip Review
Glofish Blue LED Lights

Additionally light timers can save the owner hundreds of dollars by limiting lights to their correct on times rather than only when we remember. Here are a few detailed reviews regarding aquarium light timers

Simple Digital Timers For All Aquarium Lights
Current USA Timer
Current USA Pro Timer

Finally we may need our lights on only at specific times. This can be to combat algae growth or promote plant/coral growth.

Freshwater Lighting Times