Glofish Lights

Glofish are neon colored, slightly translucent fish. They come in two species: zebrafish or tetras. Glofish are available in the colors starfire red, electric green, sunburst orange, cosmic blue, galactic purple, and moonrise pink. Glofish can be kept in a home aquarium under white lighting, but under blue lighting, their colors truly shine. Read on to learn the pros and cons of Glofish lights.

Light Stick Universal Light Strip
6 or 8 inches long Adjustable up to 30 inches long
Clip on back of tank Mounted above tank
6 inch: 1.8 watts, 8 inch: 2 watts 2.8 watts
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Glofish lights work the best for smaller tanks around 20 gallons because one light will have sufficient strength to light up an entire aquarium of this size. Glofish lights can also work extremely well for larger tanks that are longer rather than deeper, such as breeder tanks.
Generally, Glofish lights are used solely on the basis of their blue color. Glofish lights should not be used as your aquarium’s prime lighting source typically, because they do not support much plant growth, and simply because your fish may want to see more light than dark blue. However, Glofish lights are inexpensive, and great fun to flip on during night time to enjoy your neon fish light show.


    • Watch the neon colors of your glofish pop at the blue colored light wave of 450 nanometers.


    • The lights are inexpensive: no more than fourty dollars


    • Two options of light design to fit any aquarium size up to 30 inches long: narrower and shorter light stick, or wider and longer mountable light strip.


    • Glofish lights are waterproof: they can be left alone without worry of accidental splashing or submersion.


  • The light stick design features a clip to attach the light to your aquarium along with clips to hold the cord in place.

    • Glofish lights are currently blue light-only: they do not come equipped with a white light option, so if white light is desired a second light will be necessary for your aquarium.


    • If you have a large, deep tank around 30 inches long, you may need two light strips to adequately provide blue light without dark areas. Generally, optimum lighting is produced with one light strip per 20 inches length of tank.


  • Not strong enough to support most healthy plant growth as a only light source because these lights are only 2-3 watts strong. Any exception to this would be low-light plants.
Both Light Types Include:
    • 30 day warranty or return with Amazon and the Glofish manufacturer.


    • Waterproof guarantee


    • Blue LEDs to showcase your neon Glofish in the dark.


  • Two pronged plugin which works at 120 volts.

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