Finding The Best Saltwater Aquarium Lighting

To everyone in the hobby saltwater aquariums can mean something different, making their needs differ drastically. Many owners go for a FOWLR, fish only with live rock, setup and will only need standard lighting. On the other hand there are reef tanks full of corals and light loving anemones who will need much more light … Read more Finding The Best Saltwater Aquarium Lighting

Planted Tank Lighting Guide

Choosing Your Planted Aquarium Lighting When it comes to light demands planted tanks are in between normal tanks and reef tanks. Plants require broad spectrums and enough light strength to support rapid growth. Often normal pet store lights do not provide this, leaving us on our own when it comes to researching what our plants … Read more Planted Tank Lighting Guide

Freshwater Aquarium LED Lighting

There are quite a few differences when shopping for freshwater aquarium LED lighting rather than florescent or marine lights. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Ledenet 12-Inch Freshwater Aquarium LED Lighting Strip Aquatic Life LED Aquarium Light Fixture Deckey Freshwater Aquarium LED Lighting Fixture Fits Aquariums: 18″ – 60″ Fits Aquariums: 12″+ Fits Aquariums: 23.5″ … Read more Freshwater Aquarium LED Lighting