JEBO AP1800 Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
345 GPH 5.3″ x 5.7″ x 3″ 15-35 Gallons Low 3 Months-2 Years Medium-Low

The JEBO AP1800 is a medium priced powerhead, bringing in fairly low flow for the price. The lifetime is wildly random and the overall reliability is low. The AP1800 does have a few good notes, but overall I suggest you pick any other powerhead.


The Jebo AP1800 is a bit bulky, making it more difficult to hid in your tank than other powerheads. The flat design does however make it less noticeable when well placed. Try only holding the pump in place rather than actually sticking it to the glass. The suction cups are rather low quality and will deteriorate each time they are moved. The first dozen or so times however the suction cups are quite strong, giving this powerhead a mixed bags of pros and cons.

Typically this powerhead will be used an an under gravel filter or water pump. It can be used for flow rate, but the tube is small and difficult to angle. To use it as an under gravel filter you will want to cover the intake with a filter sock or filter floss. This will absorb a lot of the tanks debris, as will the gravel surrounding the intake. This makes clean up quick and easy, as you will only need to siphon out the debris and rinse out the filter floss or replace it entirely.

When setting up the powerhead as a water pump you will need to use a 5/8″ hose. This fits tightly over the nozzle, preventing any leaking water or dislodging hoses. This second one is huge, as my first dislodge hose was a fiasco I will never forget. Big mess, a leaking roof and a half drained tank about sum it up.

As the final option you can choose to install an airline tube in the powerhead. This aerates the water without the need for an airpump, which saves you plenty of money on both an airpump/airstones as well as power.

Assembly, Flow & Cleaning

While the pump can be turned both left and right via the bottom, it comes off a little too easily, which is both good and bad. It allows for the easiest cleaning possible, as the powerhead will never be stuck close due to tough algae, yet it will be difficult to adjust without popping the bottom off.

Once opened you will want to clean off both sides of the grate as well as the impeller and magnetic mount. The mount and impeller must be cleaned using soft materials, such as a cotton swab, to avoid any damage. More abrasive materials can scratch the magnetic parts, causing irregular movements from the impeller. This increases noise and wear.

The flow rate cannot be adjusted, meaning slow swimming fish in smaller tanks will no enjoy this powerhead.

Warranty & Lifetime

There is no warranty given on this product, meaning you will need to take advantage of amazons 30 day warranty for any and all problems. Always install your powerheads the day you get them and inspect them for any defaults.

Once the warranty ends you are relying on cleaning and luck for a longer lifetime. There is not much in the ways of quality control here, meaning some powerheads are actually good and can last a few years, while some are absolute junk and will live 31 days just to spite your warranty. It’s a huge gamble buying this powerhead, and overall there are much better choices out there.

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