JEBO AP1500 Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
290 GPH 5.3″ x 5.5″ x 3″ 15-35 Gallons Low 3 Months-2 Years Medium-Low

The Jebo AP1500 is similar to its larger model, the Jebo ap1800, and is a gamble to use. The lifetime varies wildly with luck and cleaning, but the power is consistent. It makes for a decent under gravel filter powerhead, but there are certainly better choices out there.


The body of the Jebo ap1500 has the box design, which is common for powerheads that are also meant to be used as either water pumps or under gravel filters. This makes it a bit difficult to place but harder to notice when placed well.

When placing this powerhead you should simply hold it in place and see how the water flow works in your tank. Once placed the powerhead should be removed as little as possible. Rather than bend, the suction cups will actually tear and chip away, making them far less effective after a bunch of repositioning.

To use the pump as an under gravel filter you will simply need to put the bottom intake under the gravel, preferable with filter floss or a filter sock over it. This and the gravel will collect most of the debris in the tank. This makes for quick clean up via siphon and rinsing off the filter or replacing it.

Additionally you can choose to install an airline tubing into the front of the output, which gives your tank decent aeration. This will remove the need to any air pumps and airstones, also which also reduces the electric bill while removing the loudest component in the aquarium. A huge boost to this powerheads value for sure.

Note: The filter is fairly quiet but will have a short start up and shut down noise. This is the impeller getting into place by striking its nearby area, which reduces the lifetime. Try not to start and stop this pump too often.

Assembly & Cleaning

The design of powerheads that double as a pump prevents any and all fish from entering the powerhead when it is on. While off small fish may enter the powerhead via the front mounted tube. Ensure this is empty to avoid any horrible accidents.

The pump comes apart at the bottom where the intake is. This gives you easy access to both the inside and outside of the grate, as well as the impeller and its mount. The impeller and mount should only be cleaned using very soft materials. This will prevent scratches to the magnets, which would significantly decrease the lifetime while increasing the noise level.

Flow & Adjustments

The Jebo AP1500 can be directed from the bast of the output, allowing you to turn it horizontally. This is also the point where the powerhead opens, making it come off sometimes when you mean to turn it.

The flow speed on the Jebo cannot be adjusted, meaning you will need to either diffuse the water or get a smaller powerhead if the flow proves to be too much for your tank. To diffuse the water simply point the output at the wall of the tank or put heavy decorations in front of it.

While the flow is always consistent between Jebo powerheads, the impeller is easily stopped by debris and will quickly lose power when clogged. Keep the impeller as clean as possible for the best water flow.

As there is no max head listed, the pump is not reliable for sumps and vertical water movement in quick moving systems. You may however use this powerhead to feed skimmers or top off systems.

Warranty & Lifetime

There is no warranty supplied with the Jebo, meaning you will need to rely on Amazons 30 day warranty. Install the pump the day it arrives, inspecting it for any faults or defects. Be sure to reinspect the object on the 28th day to make the most out of your warranty.

The lifetime of the Jebo AP1500 is never easy to predict. There is basically no quality control, making some models perfect, lasting for years with high flow their whole lifetime. Others however will either arrive broken or simply quit the second your warranty expires. With all the other low cost powerheads out there, I see no reason to pick this pump.

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