SunSun JVP 800 GPH Wave Maker Powerhead Review

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Dimensions Adjustable Noise Level Longevity Price
6.3″ x 4.33″ x 4.57″ Direction – 360 degrees
Flow – Not Adjustable
Low-Medium 1-3 Years Low

The Sunsun JVP 800 GPH Powerhead is a low cost, medium quality powerhead with plenty of pros and cons. Depending on the inhabitants of the tank it is best suited for 50-90 gallon tanks. Overall it is a great powerhead for the price, which can always be upgraded to a much higher end model later. The two pack option is by far the best value, saving money and giving you a back up powerhead should the first fail. The powerhead requires 5 watts of power and uses the standard 110V.


The Sunsun JVP powerhead has no on or off switch, meaning it turns on when plugged in. When starting the propeller can frequently make a lot of noise before either settling to silent or low noise levels. For those who constantly have the powerhead on I would rate the noise level to low, however when the powerhead is set to a timer these start ups can be very distracting and startle nearby fish.

While we are talking about fish it must be noted that this powerhead is not meant for use with small fish. The openings around the propeller are simply too big for small fish and fry and can suck in weak swimmers. Please know your fish before installing powerheads.

The powerhead should not be directed too low as it will easily cause a sandstorm. Even when angled upwards the powerhead can still keep a gentle flow across the top of the substrate, keeping it clean from all debris.

A small negative note is the size of this powerhead. It is a bit larger than I would like, but not too big for the amount of flow it puts out.

Unlike many low cost powerheads the Sunsun JVP cannot run in reverse. This is a frequent problem with other Sunsun powerheads, but thankfully not this model. After long periods of ownership the Sunsun JVP may have trouble starting up. In this situation either tapping the powerhead or pushing the propeller with a meat skewer has always gotten the motor running.

The suction cups are definitely a weak point on the Sunsun JVP 800 GPH powerhead as they will often fail within the first year. I have since done a bit of DIY to make the powerhead held in place by a magnet, while others have reported great use from replacement suction cups.

The cord runs at 4.5′ which allows for fairly free placement of the powerhead. For bottom of the tank placement in deep tanks you may need to use an extension cord.

A Major Issue with this model is the wiring. While not common, some Sunsuns will ship with poor wiring which can actually leak voltage into the tank. Often it is not enough to affect the inhabitants, but it will almost always shock the owner when they touch the water. Needless to say powerheads with this defect are best replaced ASAP.


The Sunsun JVP comes apart fairly easily, allowing for quick cleaning and reassembly. Simply snap apart the front cover from the base of the power head and you will have full access to all the external parts. Furthermore you can remove the propeller to clean out its mounting point. As previously stated this should be done once a month for the best results, but is not mandatory.

The suction cup mount slides in and holds the powerhead in place. There is only a single suction cup holding the powerhead in place. Due to this the suction cup is stronger than most triple suction cup mount suction cups. It also allows for easy replacement.

Flow & Adjustments

The Sunsun JVP Model powerhead features a ball mounted head, allowing for a full 360 degree rotation. The flow speed itself however cannot be adjusted. The flow spreads out into a cone shape, giving the most intense flow directly in front of the powerhead and weaker flow to the sides.

The flow created by this particular powerhead is spot on. That being said not every tank can handle the 800 GPH that this powerhead puts out. Likewise bigger tanks may need more flow. For this model their are 530, 800 and 1300 GPH options, allowing most tanks to find the right powerhead.

For fish only tanks the flow needed will depend on the fish and tank layout. Even fast swimming fish will appreciate slow moving spots, as the Sunsun JVP 800 puts out a strong flow in a cone like area in front of it. This creates a weak flow zone under the powerhead but a powerful flow in front of the powerhead. For a 40 gallon tank I have found great success pointing this powerhead slightly upwards and towards a wall. This diffuses the flow while still giving my high flow demanding corals what they need. As the flow hits the surface and walls of the tank, the flow weakens while changing directions, creating the slow moving sections fish need for rest. Additionally this allows low flow corals to be kept in the same tank as high flows.

Warranty & Lifetime

The Sunsun JVP 800 GPH comes with a 90 day warranty. This allows you to find most defects and return them for a replacement or refund. For the US you will need to contact Sunsun via email at [email protected]

The average lifetime on the Sunsun is between 1-3 years. For the longest lifetime I recommend removing and deep cleaning the powerhead. This means taking it apart and scrubbing off even the coralline algae. Any added resistance from lack of cleaning will increase the stress on the components and shortens the powerheads lifetime.

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