SunSun JVP-110 528 GPH Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
528 GPH 1.5″ x 2.3″ x 2.75″ 20-50 Gallons Low-medium 3-12 months Very Low

The SunSun JVP-110 is a low cost, low powered powerhead that brings decent flow to small and medium sized tanks alike. It’s a lower quality powerhead, with a few issues that are easy to fix. If you’re transitioning into a mid sized tank and need a first time powerhead, this is a solid and budget friendly choice


Setting up the JVP-110 is a really simple process. It uses a suction cup, ball mounted base to secure itself to the glass. Unlike many other powerheads, the suction cup has no troubles holding up the 7 ounce body. The only instance of slippage should be from dirty glass, which is easily fixed by scraping it clean.

The cord gives you ample length to set the powerhead wherever you like so long as your power strip is not too far from the opening of the tank. The cord measures just under 5 feet.

When installing this powerhead you should consider what kind of fish you are housing. For small, fast swimming fish you may want to DIY your own mesh net to cover the front of the powerhead, as it is not too well covered. To do this I like to cut out portions of the bag that oranges are sold in. The material is strong and cheap, also coming free with some oranges!

Most fish will not have issue swimming near the powerhead, and it does not have the issue of running in reverse, making it even safer. This is something SunSun powerheads often haven in common with one another.


The JVP-110 comes apart at the second portion of the grate, exposing the propeller and making for an easy cleanup. You will want to take apart the powerhead and give it a deep clean once a month for the best lifetime. Remember to use a cotton swab on the inside of the mount, as more abrasive materials can scratch the magnetic components that spin the propeller. Any scratches will make the pump either not function or run off center and increase in volume.

Remember to remove even coralline algae. While it is beneficial and looks amazing on powerheads, the SunSun JVP-110 is not strong enough to deal with constant build up and will suffer from it. With little cleaning the pump is destined for shorter life and higher vibrations.

Flow & Adjustments

The powerhead comes on a ball mount, allowing for full control on direction, but does not have a method for controlling flow rate.

For those looking for a lower flow rate you can diffuse the flow by either replacing rockwork near the front of the powerhead or pointing the powerhead towards the glass. Fine tune the direction of the powerhead until you get the perfect results.

Keep in mind that this particular model is actually a little weaker than advertised. I have already considered this in the tank sizing, but those who know their own rules should keep that in mind.

Warranty & Lifetime

As with all SunSun powerheads, the JVP-110 does not come with any warranty. That being said you will need to rely on amazons 30 day warranty to find any and all defects in this model. This is ample time, as the main issues are chipped propellers and dead on arrivals. Send any faulty products back ASAP and always give the powerhead a thorough inspection on its 3rd last day of warranty.

The lifetime of the SunSun JVP-110 is typically under a year, with the best cared for/luckiest models occasionally stretching to two. For the price this is an acceptable life time, as the powerhead is typically best suited for new aquarists. After 1 year most people will know if they want to upgrade or stop with the hobby.

Overall the powerhead serves its purpose well but should not be used as a permanent solution. The low cost makes it easy to use for a salt mixer and the ease of installation, simple cleaning and low cost make this a perfect introductory powerhead.

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