SunSun JVP-210B 1585 GPH Powerhead Review

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Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
5″ x 4.5″ x 3″ 50-150 Gallons Medium 4 Months-2 Years Low

The SunSun JVP 201B 1585 powerhead brings a whole lot of power at an amazing price point. The construction is a little cheap, so you can’t expect this to last a lifetime like the Tunze, but for a fraction of the cost you can have a strong current for up to two years.


The SunSun 201B is different from the normal 201 model in that it uses a powerful magnet to hold the powerhead in place. Don’t let the low price fool you, this magnet is powerful. Please take extreme caution when handling them as they can easily clamp on to your hand. Not only is this painful but one person cannot remove the magnets themselves when it is on a hand.

Hold the outer magnet to the glass and with your other hand slowly bring the inside magnet and powerhead to the glasses surface. For an easier, safer installation you can slide the inner magnet down the glass rather than starting from a distance. If done incorrectly the magnets will fly together, often cracking the aquarium glass.

Once the powerhead is situated you may plug it in, which will immediately start the powerhead. Likewise you will need to remove power to stop the powerhead. This is fairly standard practice but still something to know.

Note: The SunSun JVP-201B comes with a shockingly short cord, only 4 feet, making placement a bit difficult. To help compensate I always try to suspend my power strip as close to the tank as possible without making it visible. Usually this means taping it to the bottom of the aquarium, underneath the stand. This also acts as a forced drip loop, which is a nice little bonus I noticed after my first set up with the short cord.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the SunSun JVP-201B. Coming in at 5.1″ x 6.4″ x 4″ it is going to be noticeable in the tank. However this is the same as having two powerheads, and should come as no surprise. Typically dual faced powerheads are used at the top of the tank, meaning it shouldn’t block your rock structure or aquarium decorations.

Finally you will not want the powerhead too close to the surface of the aquarium. After water evaporation the strong suction on the powerhead can pull down air, making a fair bit of noise while also shooting forth a mist of bubbles into your tank. Additionally having the powerhead a bit deeper will help lower the noise level on the SunSun JVP-201B, which is a bit higher than average in most instances.


The SunSun JVP-201B comes apart at the middle of the dual heads grate, allowing for easy cleaning. It is however a bit harder to remove than other powerheads, though that may just be because I am used to single heads.

You will want to clean off the powerhead frequently. Due to the cheaper design, which allows for such a low price, the powerhead is highly effected by build up. Cleaning off excess algae, even coralline, as well as anything caught in the propeller will drastically increase the lifetime of the powerhead, while also helping to restore any lost power.

Flow & Adjustments

To mount the SunSun JVP-201B they have installed a ball joint, allowing us the freedom to point the powerhead wherever we like. After that you may aim the two heads separately by turning the end tubing, also ball mounts, to direct the water flow further.

The speed on this model is not adjustable, though it is very easy to diffuse only some of the water flow thanks to its dual heads and aiming features. Overall you can create a good, tank wide water current with this powerhead, even in much larger tanks. Fine tune the heads individually until you find the sweet spot for your specific tank.

The flow rate itself is quite high, coming in at almost 800 GPH a head. It is not typically advised to aim the heads in the same direction, as this will create one high powered water current. However some SPS coral enthusiasts will need this power and will be quite happy with how strong these heads are when aimed together.

Note: Despite being a low cost model, there is no risk of reverse running here.

Warranty & Lifetime

SunSun typically offers no warranty, and this model is no exception. This means you will need to rely on amazons 30 day warranty to find any and all troubles with the powerhead. Install the pump the day you get it and give it a full inspection on the 28th day. Otherwise you may end up keeping a dead on arrival or 2 day powerhead.

Once the warranty period is over you will need to do frequent cleanings. If not cared for you will probably be replacing this powerhead in a few months. I recommend lowering the once a month cleaning to once every 20 days. When doing this, and keeping away all macro algae which can damage the propellers, you will easily see over a year of lifetime from this powerhead. Typically the powerhead will give out closest to two years, making the cost per year still relatively low. For those looking to get a high strength powerhead but unable to fully invest the triple digits of other brands, the SunSun JVP 201B is right up your alley.

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