SunSun JVP 402A Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
6340 GPH 5″ x 9″ x 3″ 45-200 Gallons Low 4 Months-2 Years Medium

The SunSun JVP-402A Powerhead features 4 heads combined into one unstoppable beast water flow. The heads are all individual adjustable, with the mount itself being vertical adjustments only. As for noise there is very little if any generated by this powerhead. This is ideal as the large size almost dictates its location to be the top of the tank. For the price there is no better choice than SunSun.


When setting up the SunSun JVP-402A you will have to choose what side you want the powerhead on. Unlike most set-ups there is no way to hide the giant body here. In fact to best support the powerhead I chose to have a bit of rocks leading up to it, preventing any falling mishaps.

For tall tanks you can easily set the SunSun on the wall sideways. This provides excellent flow throughout the tank. By positioning the individual heads slightly upwards and downwards at the same time you can spread the water flow even further!

One of the issues with SunSun powerheads is that the cord never feels quite long enough. Even when positioning the powerhead near the top of the tank you may still need to move the power source closer to the tank. To do this I like to tape the power strip to the bottom of my aquarium. This also inadvertently creates a drip loop for all cords connected to it.

A Final note is to ensure no fish are near this powerhead when first starting it, as they will be in for a big surprise. While it probably wont hurt them, and cannot run in reverse, it can cause panic and fear of the powerhead.


The grates located around the powerheads are fairly small, keeping appropriate sized fish away from the propellers. Fry should never be in a tank with this powerhead and neither should any small fish who would be locked from the suction. In fact with the suction spread across four heads it has weaker suction than a powerhead half its size.

These grates come off the powerhead in sets of two, allowing for direct access to the propeller and its mounts. the mounts should be cleaned out using cotton swabs, as more abrasive materials can damage the magnetic mounts. Any scratches or nicks will cause abnormal spinning and there fore more noise and wear on the propeller. these should be cleaned frequently to prolong the life of the powerhead as much as possible, with once a month being a good target time. The grates themselves are less important than usual to clean, as again the mess is spread across four different heads. Still be sure to keep them free of all major debris and deep clean them at least every 3 months.

When doing this you will want to unplug and then remove the powerhead, as the grates are rather bulky and awkward to remove when left in the tank. This also keeps all the freshly scrubbed away debris out of your tank.

Flow & Adjustments

The SunSun JVP 402A’s body can only be directed up or down. The heads themselves feature small tubes at the end of them, making them each individually adjustable. This lets you control 1/4th of the powerheads flow at a time, distributing flow around your tank exactly how it needs to be.

Should the flow prove to be too much for your tank you can simply remove propellers from their mounts. While this will be a huge change in flow, it certainly beats buying a different powerhead, and the propellers can later replace any damaged propellers.

Note: The flow on this unit is a bit below advertised. While initially this was thought to be because it is split between four heads it is actually somewhat lower powered than stated. Still for this price it is much more flow than would be expected.

Warranty & Lifetime

As with most SunSun products, their is very little in the ways of warranty or customer service. You will need to rely on amazons 30 day warranty to fine any and all defects in the powerhead. This should be more than enough time as the main issues are dead on arrivals and weak propellers. Be sure to install your powerhead the day you receive it and give it a thorough inspection on the 28th day.

Once the warranty has expired and you are past all the defects you can expect an average lifetime anywhere between 4 months and two years. Why is the range so wild? Simply put: cheap components. While they are by no means absolutely awful they are much more prone to damage and stress. This means you will not be able to skip out on cleanings without seeing any adverse effects on the powerhead.

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