Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
660 GPH 2.6″ x 2.4″ x 3.2″ 10-66 Gallons Very Low 4-15+ Years Medium-High

The Tunze Turbelle 6020 is a different form of Tunze powerhead, made for discrete, yet reliable flow.

It comes with the same, silent mounting device, powerful magnets and long cable, giving you both freedom of placement and quiet operation for any tank under 70 gallons in size.


Setting up the Tunze 6020 is only slightly different than any of the normal, ball shaped models. Your 1st step will still be to connect the four rubber connectors, which heavily dampen sound giving Tunze their silent nature, to the magnet. You will then press on the powerheads body, as there is no mounting bracket.

You will next need to use either the blue or grey ring to cover the magnet. This dampens sound further while also protecting the glass from the hard magnet. The colors are simply up to personal preference. Tunze blue or hidden grey.

Now you will need to decide if you want to use the deflector head. This directs the flow at a 90 degree angle while also focusing the flow into a more powerful stream. If you choose not to use the head your water flow will be much more distributed.

Next you will bring the inner magnet to its mounting point, followed by bringing the exterior magnet into place, outside of the aquarium. This must be done with a firm grip as the magnets will try to pull together when they get closer. This models magnets have 50 pounds of force between them, allowing them to easily break the glass if you are not careful.

With the Tunze in place you can now direct the flow by either turning the flow deflector or turning both magnets at once. This will give you close to 360 degree customization, but not quite.
50 pounds of force magnet
on/off and noise on startup very little after some wear has taken place
size of openings/small fish safe well covered, even the front only has small openings
strength and positioning very powerful, very small
size tiny
run in reverse/start up trouble can run in reverse for first month, as the impeller can come too tight and needs to be worn out. Tunze rely on drag to fix their direction, which typically takes a few seconds. if problem persist contact Tunze directly and they will help with the specific model or send replacement parts to fix the issue.
attachment method/strength powerful magnet, both ends are safe to submerge
cord length 2 meters, just over 6.5 feet
extra issues
4 blue rubber mounts come out a bit easy when moving the powerhead

Noise, safety & features

As stated before the Tunze 6020 powerhead will take a day or two to reach its proper sound level. This small model utilizes the same noise dampening design as the much larger Tunze powerheads. This makes it 100% silent, suitable even for the most sensitive of ears bedrooms.

As for the safety, the sides of the powerhead are closed by a thin grate, preventing any fish from entering the propeller housing. The strong currents will keep fish out of the front of the powerhead, however fish may still enter the front when the power is shut off. Be sure there are no fish or inverts on the inside before restarting your powerhead.

The deflector head is something unique to this model. The head deflects water at a 90 degree angle, allowing for 360 degree turning. This head is more suited for hidden powerheads whom need to be placed vertically. If you can place the powerhead horizontally, without disturbing the look of your tank, I highly recommend it. An uncovered head provides the most even flow. On the other hand high speed corals will likely enjoy the more focused flow of the deflector head.

Opening The Tunze 6020

The Tunze 6020 comes apart a bit differently than most Tunze powerheads. Rather than snapping apart in the middle, the Tunze 6020 has a circular mount over the front of the powerhead. this screws off and gives you access to the interior of the grate as well as the propeller. The propeller can be removed as well to clean out the propellers mount.

Remember: The propeller and propeller mount must be cleaned using soft materials, such as a cotton swab. Any harsh materials can easily damage the magnetic components, causing irregular movements of the propeller. This leads to increased noise levels and decreased lifetime. That’s the last thing anyone could want from the famous Tunze brand.

Cleaning The Tunze 6020

With the powerhead disassembled it’s fairly easy to clean out. Simple wipe clean the propeller and propeller mount with a soft material and scrub clean the grate. This can restore any lost flow if the build up is large enough, however the flow is generally not reduced by debris on a Tunze.

Flow & Adjustments

As previously stated the Tunze 620 can be turned in two spots, both 360 degrees. This gives you nearly complete control of the powerheads flow, but it feels more limiting than the standard ball shaped powerhead.

The flow rate cannot be adjusted. For tanks who find they need less power flow they can both remove the front mounted deflector head as well as diffuse the flow of the water. This is done by either

a.) Aiming the powerhead at the glass

b.) Placing sturdy decorations in front of the flow, such as rocks.

Warranty & Lifetime

The lifetime and silence are the two main reasons Tunze holds the name it does. Even this smaller model has the same quality and lifetime as the other sizes, coming in anywhere over 4 years. While this is uncommonly low there will always be defective models. In general the powerhead will last 8-15+ years. This drives the cost per year on Tunze powerheads well below many of its competitors, all while brining a much more reliable powerhead to our tanks.

The warranty offered by Tunze lasts for 2 years and has some of the best customer service I have ever dealt with. They will know specific solutions to your exact model, even going into detail of why the problem occurs. I really like that as it helps me avoid any future issues I may be inadvertently causing.

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