Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6025 Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
740 GPH 3″ x 2.7″ x 2.7″ 15-75 Gallons Very Low 4-15+ Years Medium-High

The Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6025 powerhead brings high flow in a small body. The increased flow over smaller models enables nanotanks to keep high flow SPS corals with ease. The lifetime on Tunze is amazing, as is customer service. The price is above average, but if you can afford the investment The Turbelle 6025 will more than pay itself off.


Setting up a Tunze powerhead is as easy as you make it, with the difficulty quickly scaling up if you aren’t carful or respectful of the equipment’s strength. Never turn the powerhead on when it is not secure, as it will be an unpredictable wrecking ball in the tank if loose. Likewise the magnets say caution so largely for good reason

The 6045 magnets On our colorful winter afghan

Ensure there is no metal near by when handling these magnets, as they are seriously no joke. Just please be careful with them.

If you are as unfortunate as me and get these magnets stuck together do not bother pulling at them with your bare hands. Unless you have the finger strength of the gods it cannot be done.

Instead you will need to place the magnets on a straight edged surface with one magnet hanging off the edge. You will then have to push the magnet downwards, sliding it off of the other magnet. This takes significantly less force than pulling them apart, as is possible with a good amount of force. Once they start to separate you will need to hold them far apart, ensuring your hands are never between the two magnets. Should they clamp on to your hand there is absolutely nothing you can do about it without another persons help.


To set-up the Tunze Nanostream 6025 you will need to first connect the u shaped mounting bracket to the interior magnet. This is done using the four blue noise dampening connectors.

Next hold each magnet in a separate hand, gripping them by the sides. First place the interior magnet in place and slowly bring the exterior magnet into place. Hold on tight so they don’t slip from you hand when they pull on one another, as this could crack your glass. Seriously these magnets are not toys.

Once the magnets are in place you can then put the powerhead into the mounting bracket and angle it however you like. To turn it side to side you will need to twist both magnets at once. For up and down you can simple swivel the powerhead in the bracket.

Finally turn the powerhead on and fine tune the direction of the flow. It is going to be quite powerful, so if this is your first high end powerhead it may surprise you. If the flow proves to be too much you can aim it at the wall to diffuse some of the strength and make the flow much more tolerable for the tanks inhabitants.
on/off and noise on startup very little after some wear has taken place
size of openings/small fish safe well covered, even the front only has small openings
strength and positioning very powerful, very small
size tiny
run in reverse/start up trouble can run in reverse for first month, as the impeller can come too tight and needs to be worn out. Tunze rely on drag to fix their direction, which typically takes a few seconds. if problem persist contact Tunze directly and they will help with the specific model or send replacement parts to fix the issue.
attachment method/strength powerful magnet, both ends are safe to submerge
cord length 2 meters, just over 6.5 feet
extra issues
4 blue rubber mounts come out a bit easy when moving the powerhead

Design Notes

These are simple, straight forward bits of info that all owners should know.

Tunze brand powerheads are dead silent powerheads. Unless I turn off all other aquarium equipment and hold my breath I cannot hear the powerhead. It is truly the best option for a bedroom, or frequent movie room aquarium.

The body is much smaller than other similar strength powerheads and the cord measures a nice 2 meters or just over 6.5 feet. This gives you the freedom to place the Tunze 6025 powerhead wherever you like. Just remember not to direct it too much towards the surface or sand bed, as this will cause either sandstorms or geysers.

For those who need to mount both magnets underwater, for a sump or pond circulation, both magnets are 100% safe to submerge in aquarium water.

A small issue with Tunze powerheads is that they can run in reverse when brand new. This is caused by a tight propeller mount, which will be loosened over the first month of ownership. The Tunze automatically fixes its direction in a few seconds. If however this does not solve itself you may need to contact Tunze for a personalized solution.


The Tunze 6025 Nanostream features small front and side mounted grates, which prevents any and all fish from entering the powerhead. The only fish you will need to be worries about is the butterfly fish, whose mouth can slip into any small crack or crevice.

To open the Nanostream you will need to snap apart the powerhead at the 4 clips on the side, which separates the front grate from the rest of the powerhead. This exposes the propeller, which can be removed to give access to the propeller mount. Both the propeller and its mount must be cleaned using soft materials, such as a cotton swab. Using harsher materials can result in scratches, which will create odd spinning from the powerhead. This increases the noise level drastically while also reducing the lifetime of the propeller. Propellers cost about $16 to replace.

The grate is a simple cleaning process, as it works fine when covered in coralline algae. This means you only need to remove debris that blocks off the intake of the powerhead, which the flow rate will typically do itself.

Tunze recommends an average cleaning be done at least once a year. Tanks with higher calcium or lime concentrations will need to be cleaned more often, every 3 months. I prefer to clean all of my powerheads every month, but with Tunze this may be excessive.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow on the 6025 is not adjustable. The only way to lessen the power is to diffuse the flow by obstructing the flow with decorations or the wall of the tank.

Additionally there are many more sizes to Tunze to choose from, with the weakest being capable of 400 GPH. Be sure not to buy more than your tank can handle.

The head may be adjusted freely up and down while inside the mounting bracket. To adjust side to side you will need to rotate the magnets of the powerhead.

While adjusting the powerhead the 4 rubber mounts can come off fairly easily. Simply push them back into place every time you turn the powerhead and there should be no issue.

Warranty & Lifetime

The lifetime on a Tunze powerhead is the main reason people are drawn to them. even those with poor care and bad luck will see over 4 years of use, with the better cared for models lasting over 15 years easily. You may need to find longer lived fish who can live as long as your powerhead can, or go through multiple generations of fish.

The warranty lasts for a solid 2 years ensuring that no defective unit keeps you from the amazing lifetime aquarists have come to love. Additionally Tunze will help their customers with any issue you can think of so long as it is aquarium related. Torn wires, lost parts or questions on cleaning the parts. Tunze has a deep, well explained answer for every question.

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