Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6045 Powerhead Review

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SizeDimensionsTank SizeNoise LevelLongevityPrice
400-1175 GPH3.1″ x 2.7″ x 2.7″10-135 GallonsVery Low4-15+ YearsMedium-High

The Tunze 6045 Turbelle Nanostream brings a huge amount of flow rate to our tanks in a tiny package. This model features a flow control bar and consumes between 5-7W depending on how much flow it’s creating, making it extremely energy efficient. Really there is nothing bad to say about this powerhead other than it costs more than other brands, but the investment is 100% worth it, as it will outlast any other powerhead for several years, all the while keeping full strength.


Setting up the Tunze 6045 Turbelle Nanostream is as easy or hard as you want to make it. In essence all you need to do is follow the picture or these few steps:

First connect the powerheads mount to the interior magnet via the four blue plastic connectors. These dampen sound drastically.

Next hold the interior magnet in place while slowly bringing the exterior magnet into place. Keep a firm grip as they will pull each other together and you do not want to crack the tank. You will want to hold the base of the mount/the magnet rather than the u shaped mount, as this can detach and release the magnet.

Once they are together, aquarium glass between them, you can install the powerhead by placing it into the mount. Remember the powerhead can only turn its head up and down, meaning you will need to turn the magnets to turn the powerhead side to side. Set the direction you will likely want the powerhead to face now, and keep adjusting it until it suits your tank perfectly.

Magnets: Thanks to my bad experience with these magnets I will warn everyone I meet about them. They are strong, Tunze tells you they are strong and even write it on the bottom of the magnet. Don’t put them together to see how strong they are. They are strong.

On our colorful winter afghan

While I was busy these two magnets were connected by my significant other. Needless to say she and I could not pull them apart with our hands, or there would probably not even be the warning in the first place.

To separate the magnets you will need to place one on a straight edged surface while the other hangs off. Next you must push the free hanging one down hard, and it will slowly slide down. This takes a lot less force than pulling them apart, and you should always have someone nearby when handling these magnets. If they clamp onto your hand you will not be able to do anything about it yourself. And it hurts.

Design Notes

These are important bits of info that should simply be stated outright.

Tunze Pumps are the quietest pumps I have ever had the pleasure or working with. The hum is hardly audible unless you put your ear right by the powerhead, making it well suited for even bedroom aquariums. Seriously I could head my airpumps from the room downstairs over this exact model.

The Tunze 6045 can run in reverse, but only for a few seconds before it auto corrects itself. This is caused by a tight mounting, which will be loosened over time until the propeller no longer starts in reverse. If the issue does not resolve itself quickly you may contact Tunze for personalized assistance. These guys will find the problems root every time, as they know the models inside and out.

The size of the powerhead is smaller than any other similarly powered powerhead. This, combined with the two meter, 6.5 foot cord, gives you complete freedom when placing the powerhead. Just remember it is really powerful so you don’t cause a sandstorm or blow away any corals/decorations.

When you need to submerge the exterior magnet, say for sumps or refugiums, you can feel safe as they are 100% safe to submerge in aquariums.


The Tunze Turbelle 6045 features a small side grate as well as a front grate, preventing all but butterfly fish mouths from entering.

To open the Turbelle 6045 you will simply snap apart the powerhead at its 4 side clips, revealing the propeller. This too comes out and gives you access to the propeller mount. The propeller and mount should be cleaned with soft materials such as a cotton swab, as harsh cleaning objects can scrape the magnetic portions. This damage will cause irregular motions, increasing the noise while decreasing the lifetime of the propeller. Again if you have this issue feel free to contact Tunze and they will help you out.

The grate can be cleaned however much you want, meaning they are fine when covered in coralline algae. Just ensure no major debris are covering the intake or interfering with the propeller. Mine absolutely shred some loose caulerpa without so much as shaking, meaning you would need quite a lot of macro algae to slow this thing down.

Tunze recommends cleaning once a year, and cleaning every 3 months for tanks with high amounts of lime or calcium. I personally like to clean all of my powerheads each month, but in this case I may be wasting my time.
How it comes apart/clean often for best lifetime

Flow & Adjustments

The Tunze 6045 can be directed in 360 degrees, but can only swivel up and down. To change it horizontally you will need to turn both magnets. If you try to turn only the inside magnet it will simply turn back slowly.

The four rubber mounts can come detached from the magnet when turning the powerhead, but are easily snapped back into place. Keep an eye on them each time you turn the powerhead.

The flow on this model can be adjusted anywhere from 400 to 1175 GPH by moving the blue switch. The closer it is to the propeller the lower the flow. Mine is currently set to about 75% strength and my corals love it. The hammer did not like 100% no matter where I put the powerhead.

Should you need a different size there are plenty other Tunze to choose from.

Warranty & Lifetime

The lifetime of Tunze powerhead is something that’s impossible to say. It’s simply just too long to have an average, but I will say it is at least 4 years, and can easily last over 15 years. The Tunze at my LFS are over 17 years of age, and were supporting his tank well before he opened the shop. These powerheads just don’t die.

The warranty is two years, which will catch any and all defective units that try and cheat you out of the decade or so lifetime you should expect. Not only that but Tunze will gladly assist you with any issue the powerhead is having. Torn wires, replacing any of the mounts, and anything else you can think of. Just visit their contact page and give as much info as you can.

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