Tunze Turbelle Stream 6065 Powerhead Review

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Size Dimensions Tank Size Noise Level Longevity Price
1700 GPH 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ 65-210 Gallons Very Low 4-12+ Years High

The Tunze Turbelle 6065 is a high strength powerhead that can easily keep a 200 gallon tank well circulated. Its design is compact and energy efficient, boasting a low 12w power draw.

Tunze powerheads live an abnormally long time, making the cost per year compete with some of the cheapest powerheads available. If you are serious about your aquariums and can afford the investment, the Tunze Turbelle 6065 is one of, if not the best powerhead for large aquariums.


Setting up the Tunze 6065 is a simple process provided you know how to handle extreme strength magnets. Be sure to avoid connecting the two magnets, which will have its own section at the very end of this page.

First you will need to affix the u shaped mounting bracket to the interior magnet. This is done via 4 rubber connectors, which heavily dampen noise. I typically find this easiest by putting all the rubber holders into the magnet, followed by attaching the bracket to all 4 holders at once.

Next you will need to hold the exterior magnet outside of the tank where you intend to place the powerhead. Normally you would hold the interior magnet in place, but my larger fish tend to be less friendly and get too comfortable when my hands in the tank for an extended amount of time. They don’t bite but it sure makes me paranoid. With the exterior magnet in place bring the interior magnet and mounting bracket towards the glass. Keep a firm grip on the base as the magnet will try to yank itself out of your hand. You can either put the interior magnet above the exterior one and slide it down the glass until they are in place or bring them together if you have no fear. Remember this is all with the tank glass between the two magnets. Do not let them get close without something thick in between.

With the two magnets and mount now in place you are free to place the powerhead in the mount. once in place you may direct the powerhead, swiveling the head up and down. To turn the powerhead to the sides you will need to turn both magnets at the same time. If you only turn one then it will simply rotate back in to place.

Plug in the powerhead and continue to fine tune the direction of flow. Remember this is going to be massive power. You do not want to angle it too much to the surface or the substrate. You don’t want a geyser on the top of your tank or a constant sandstorm/dunes.

Noise, safety & features

When starting the Tunze 6065 for the first time it may make a decent amount of noise. Typically the propeller housing is too tight, causing the excess noise and even reverse start ups! Both will fade within a few minutes/hours of operation however until the Tunze is 100% silent.

The reverse starting issue fixes itself within a few seconds of running, as Tunze relies on a drag sensing feature to auto correct the propeller. Alternatively you can start and stop the propeller yourself via the electrical cord or power strip if one is in use.

A quick note here is that all Tunze powerheads come with a 2 meter cord, which is just over 6.5 feet. For smaller powerheads this is an exceptional length. However for a 200 gallon tank you may have a bit of an issue getting the powerhead into place. You can move the power strip to be closer to the top of the tank for an easy fix. Others use extension cords, but these can be hazardous as there is often no drip loop created before the connection between extension cord and powerhead.

Finally the Tunze 6065 powerhead is incredibly fish friendly. The side grates are small enough to prevent any fish from entering. The only fish who can be harmed by this powerhead is a butterfly fish, as their thin mouths are designed to fit in tiny cracks. The front comes with a medium sized mesh grate. This keeps out fish during off periods such as feeding times and cleaning.

Opening The Tunze 6065

The Tunze are easy to open, snapping apart via 4 side mounted clips. This exposes the propeller, which can also be removed, giving you access to the propeller mount.

For cleaning you will want to remove the entire powerhead, as the propeller mount is one of the most vital areas to clean. Be sure to hold on to the exterior magnet, as it can quickly find a new metal home. While cleaning be sure to keep the grate free of debris. As for the propeller and mount, use only soft materials. Any scratches to these parts can result in irregular spinning, increased noise and decreased lifetime.

Cotton swabs work best for the propeller mount and blades, but the grate will likely need something a bit tougher.

Once finished you can put the powerhead back together, resubmerging it and slowly attaching both magnets to the glass.

Flow & Adjustments

The first time seeing the flow rate of the Tunze 6065 is both breathtaking and worrying. 1700 GPH is a huge flow and it really makes an impact when first turned on, which can blast away unaware fish, corals and inverts. Be sure the rocks near this powerhead are firmly in place, as the flow can and will knock over flimsy based rocks.

The flow rate is unadjustable, which is a big shock at this price point. This can drive away any wave maker fans, but personally I like the full force going 24/7 minus feeding times.

The direction can be chosen by swiveling the head up and down or spinning the magnets from side to side. This means it is a bit harder to adjust the direction of the Tunze 6065.

Should the Tunze 6065 prove to be too much for your tank there are plenty of other sizes to choose from.

Warranty & Lifetime

Tunze powerheads come with a solid two year warranty and amazing customer service. They will gladly help you with any problem, from damaged parts to irregular flow rates. Simply giving them your model and problem is often enough for them to find the root of the problem.

The lifetime of Tunze powerheads is unbelievable. Most will live well past 10 years with the range of lifetime being 4-15+ years. After the whole lifetime of solid, high quality flow there is typically no powerhead who does a better job for less. Sure other powerheads may be half the cost, but they don’t live nearly half as long as the Tunze, and certainly not problem free.

Separating Tunze Magnets

Even with proper precautions these magnets are just so powerful that it’s difficult to keep them apart. It’s happened to me, its happened to my LFS, lets hope it doesn’t happen to you. If they do happen to get stuck together don’t panic. It is hard to pull them apart and you will not be able to do so with just your hands.

You will need to take the magnets to a straight edged counter or bench. Be sure the surface is sturdy.

You will then place one magnet on the surface, with the other hanging free. By applying plenty of downwards force, you can slide the magnets apart. This works as it requires much less effort than pulling them straight apart. Once the magnets are separated you will need to ensure that they do not come near each other or any other metal object. Additionally do no put your hands between the magnets. If they clamp on to your hand there is nothing you will be able to do. In this case you must have someone near by to help you.


Overall the Tunze 6065 Stream is a big investment. It runs amazingly, lives a long time and has amazing flow. The power draw is below the standard need for this GPH and the noise level is dead silent. If you have the money a Tunze will ensure your tank is set for over a decade.

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