Aquatop NP-302 Submersible Aquarium Pump Review

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GPH Dimensions Max Head Noise Level Price
118 GPH 1.5″ x 2″ x 2″ 27″ Very Low Very Low

The Aquatop NP-302 submersible pump runs quiet and consistent for one of the lowest cost available. It runs on only 7 watts, making the upkeep cost on the pump low.

With its small head and a GPH of 118 means you can only use this pump for smaller operations or things that can use slow water flow. This makes the pump great for Betta fish, small frog tanks or fancy guppies. You may also use the pump to feed refugiums or sumps as long as you keep the 27″ head in mind.


The outlet is 1/2″ and the tubing is not included. You can order any 1/2″ tubing to fit the pump. You may be able to find this at your local hardware store, but the price is typically higher for less tubing.

The power cord is around 1.5 meters long, giving you freedom when placing the pump. Once plugged in the motor will start, so keep it unplugged for now. The water will be drawn from the bottom of the pump, meaning it cannot be used inline and must have the bottom side submerged.

The pump comes with four suction cups to hold the pump in place. Even if the pump is going to be resting on the bottom of the tank you will want the suction cups, as they cut down noise dramatically. If you find that the suction cups will not stay in place you can heat them before applying them. This will create a much stronger connection between the suction cup and glass.

With the pump in place, cut the tubing to length and attach it to the pump. Once the tubing is secured in place the pump can be powered on.


The Aquatop NP 302 comes fully assembled other than the suction cups. This simply slide into place on the bottom of the pump.

To take apart and clean the pump:

  • 1. Remove the Pump from the system
  • 2. Remove the plastic filter case
  • 3. Remove the impeller housing
  • 4. Remove the impeller & Magnet
  • 5. Clean the body and impeller with tank water
  • 6. Reassemble the pump and place back into the system

Note:Make sure the tube does not create a reverse siphon when the pump is removed. These are caused when water rushes downwards, pulling more water behind it and through the tube.

You can also clean off the tubing while this is going on, as some debris may become trapped inside the tube.

Flow & Adjustments

The flow produced by the Aquatop NP 302 is consistently 118 GPH. The siding on the pump controls the flow rate. It also comes with a flow adjusting attachment of the same dimensions as the output, making control fairly easy. Just install the flow control tube inline/in the middle of the tubes or at the very end of the tube.

Warranty & Lifetime

Aquatop offers a 180 day warranty on their products, but only when purchased in store. Any orders from amazon and eBay will not be covered by Aquatop. Amazon does offer a 30 day warranty, so be sure to use this if you order from there.

If you do find the Aquatop in stores, check their Warranty page for the best return method.

The pump does not have any particular lifetime, as it is only the impeller that can breakdown. Keep the impeller clean and the Aquatop can last Over a year while running constantly.

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