Eheim Compact+ 2000 Pump Review

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GPH Dimensions Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
80 GPH 3.23″ x 5.43″ x 4.96″ 90″ Very Low 5+ Years High

Eheim’s compact+ 2000 model water pump brings more strength and adjustability than all its previous models. The side of the pump features a flow control valve that is missing on smaller models, while the front features a removable cover. Once removed you can attach a tube to the front of the water pump, making the pump work without being submerged. All in all this is one flexible and reliable pump.


Setting up the Eheim compact+ 2000 pump is a three step process. You will first need to attach the two fastening strips to the bottom of the pump. You will then either choose the hanging mount or suction cups.

The hanging mount features a mounting bracket as well as a stop screw to hold the bracket firmly in place. Additionally a second screw will be placed in the bottom of the mounting bracket, just below the pumps intake.

The suction cups will also affix to the two fastening strips. After they are in place you can press the pump into place.

The pump can either be submerged or run outside of water. Choosing to run the pump outside of the water column will give you more actual water in the tank, where as running the pump while submerged will reduce noise and take up less space.

To use the pump outside of water you will need to remove the front cover, which is seen below as part number 8. Next connect the hose connector, marked 9, to the intake of the pump. The tube can then be attached to the pump.

Note: when the pump is not submerged it will have no filter before the impeller. This means any debris found in the water can meet the impeller can cause damage. This makes non submersion in ponds or heavily planted tanks a bit more risky, while crystal clear tanks will have no issue.

Remember the pump cannot run dry. you will need to either submerge the pump or create a suction on the tube to fill it with water.

As a quick final note the Eheim Compact+ 2000 accepts a 3/4″ ID tube. This is typically found cheaper online than in hardware stores so be sure to order ahead of time.


Don’t let the picture worry you, theres only two times when you need to open this pump up. Cleaning and setting up as an external water pump. The latter has been covered in the set-up section, so we will move to disassembly for cleaning.

You will need to get access to the impeller, its mount and the sponge filter. The filter is easy to get, as you only need to slide off the front grate. You can then either clean the foam off and reuse it or replace it. Cleaning it will not be nearly as effective, as you cannot use any chemicals or soaps, but it can help cut down on costs.

To get to the impeller you will need to remove the pump housing(2) which is held in place by 4 screws on the side. you will then soak the impeller in a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar for 15 minutes. Rinse the impeller off and wipe it down with a soft material such as a cotton swab. Reassemble the pump in reverse order and reconnect the tubing to finish.

Flow & Adjustments

The 2000 model of Eheim’s compact+ series of pumps puts out a solid 528 GPH and can climb up to 90 inches, which is a 2.3 meter head. This is more than enough strength for an aquarium sump set-up and is one of the pumps I still use today.

The flow is controllable via a valve on the side of the pump. Unlike my Rio aqua pump, this valve does not come off or leak water. It gives you amazing control over the flow rate, however I leave mine on the max settings at all times. If you are also using this as a sump pump and have an overflow box, you can likely do the same. Test out the flow rates and tweak it until it matches your needs.

Warranty & Lifetime

Eheim offers a nice three year warranty on all of their products. In most cases this warranty goes unused thanks to their excellent craftsmen ship

On average most users can expect over 5 years of perfect service. When the pump does inevitably stop running it will usually be that the impeller has been worn out. This is easily replaced by custom ordering the needed part. Eheim’s official manual has all the spare parts order numbers listed, making the process even easier.

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