Eheim Compact 300 Pump Review

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GPH Dimensions Max Head Noise Level Longevity Price
80 GPH 1.36″ x 2.15″ x 2.03″ 1.6′ Very Low 3-6 Years Low

Eheim’s compact 300 LPH compact pump brings a low yet consistent flow rate to our homes. The max head it fairly small, meaning you will need a specific use for the pump. It will not be suitable for sumps, refugiums or most other aquarium needs. It can however suit automatic top off systems, water changes and betta tanks flow. With the price it comes at I usually spend almost as much on tube as this pump costs.


Setting up Eheim’s 300 LPH compact pump is a quick and easy task. The body comes fully assembled while the suction cups are in a separate bag. This keeps them from warping during transit. Simply push the four suction cups into place on the bottom of the pump and it’s ready to be installed. Remember that the pump must be fully submerged. Running the pump dry can easily result in a damaged impeller.

To set up tubing you will need a 1/2″ ID tube. This is best purchased online, as hardware stores overcharge on this.

The suction cups issued are fairly strong, however they may not hold up if you use an excessive amount of tubing. Remember this pump is only going to push 80 GPH and should not be pushing the water any further than a few feet.

The cord is a standard 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet. If you are using this indoors it will be more than enough for any of your needs. For outdoor fountains you may need to double measure your distance.


The Eheim 300 LPH pump comes fully assembled, minus the suction cups. These are in a separate bag and must be attached to the bottom of the pump before installing it.

To take the body apart, typically done for cleaning, you will need to first slide off the front grate and output nozzle. This will give you direct access to the impeller and its magnetic mount. Both of these components must be cleaned using a soft, non abrasive material. Any scratches will cause irregular spinning, weakened water flow and a shortened lifetime. I personally use cotton swabs as they are easy to keep on hand.

Be sure to check the output tubing, as debris can be caught on the inside. Reattach the tube and ensure it’s securely in place before reassembling the pump.

Flow & Adjustments

The front of the pump has a flow control slider, allowing you to dial back the flow. This makes the pump perfect for small, indoor decorations as well as betta tanks or even african dwarf frogs.

The actual flow of the pump is fairly consistent, but it quickly gives out when climbing any vertical distance. Try to keep any change in height to a minimum.

Warranty & Lifetime

Eheim offers a full three year warranty on this model. This will cover any faults or failures caused by their craftsmanship. It will not cover any misuse of the pump or damage caused by bad plumbing. Remember that moving water can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage. Triple check your tubing.

The life time on this series of pumps is a decent 3-7 years when well cared for and constantly running. If you only run the pump occasionally it should last a lifetime.

If the pump is left running and never cleaned you can expect anywhere between 1-3 years of lifetime. This isn’t too bad as the warranty will often get you a replacement or at least repair the pump. After the warranty has ended you can still custom order any parts by using the id number found on Eheim’s product page.

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