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Size Dimensions Strength Noise Level Longevity Price
RW-4 2.95″ x 2″ x 2.16″ 1056 GPH/4000 LPH Very Low 6 Months-1.5 Years Medium
RW-8 3.75″ x 2.75″ x 2.16″ 2100 GPH/7950 LPH Very-Low 6 Months-1.5 Years Medium-High
RW-15 4.5″ x 3.35″ x 2.75″ 3962 GPH/15,000 LPH Very-Low 6 Months-1.5 Years Medium–High
RW-20 5.5″ x 3.9″ x 3.15″ 5283 GPH/20,000 LPH very-Low 6 Months-1.5 Years Medium-High

The Jebao RW is the next model after the WP. It costs about the same as the WP model, sometimes more sometimes less, but overall is far worse quality. It does bring some interesting new features and a much more diverse controller, but the reduction in lifetime simply isn’t worth it in my opinion. If the Jebao RW looks good to you, you really should see the Jebao WP powerhead review.


When first setting up the Jebao RW it will be fairly noisy for a while, but will quiet down quickly. This continues for several days, with the pump eventually becoming almost silent. A bit annoying at first but you really appreciate the quiet running once it calms down.

When turning on and off there is no start up noise, which is a welcome note if you are switching from a Koralia wave maker.

The front of the RW is less protected than previous models. This means if you are using the powerhead for waves in small fish tanks, you will want to keep the pulse duration short to keep away curious fish.

The Jebao certainly does not lack in power, so please do not buy up as a precaution. The controller does let you lower the power, but even with the right sized powerhead many owners will still run their powerhead at a lower setting.

The Jebao RW powerhead keeps the compact design of the WP, making it one of the smaller powerheads. This is especially true for the R-4 model, which is smaller than the palm of my hand. It’s almost unrealistically small for how much power they have.

While the size makes it low profile, the propeller being white certainly does not do us any favors.

Just as the previous model the Jebao RW does not run in reverse on start up. This must have been a primary focus on the product, as the controller allows for frequent starts and stops. This prevents the horrors other powerheads can produce when they do start in reverse.

The powerhead attaches using powerful magnets that will hold the powerhead in place far better than any suction cup ever could. Take extra precaution when attaching this powerhead to the glass, as the magnet will pull the powerhead to the glass. Hold the powerhead securely and slowly bring it to the other magnet to avoid smashing it into the glass. That being said the magnet is not quite as strong as the previous model. Still, they are difficult to remove from each other so use caution when handling them.

The power cord is really long, with 6 feet between the controller and pump and 6 feet from the socket to the controller. you can place these pumps virtually anywhere without issue.


Unlike other powerheads the Jebao RW powerhead can actually stop functioning when it isn’t cleaned often enough. Additionally it loses a lot of power when dirty. This makes disassembly and deep cleaning mandatory on this model.

Taking the RW apart isn’t too difficult, as you only need to remove the front grate to clean it out completely. While cleaning the front grate be sure to clean out the impellers mounting point.

Note: Do not use sharp pipe cleaners to clean out the impellers mount, or any abrasive materials for that matter. The impeller spins via magnetic currents, making any scratches wildly detrimental.

Flow & Adjustments

The Jebao RW can only be adjusted up and down, not diagonally. This means you will have to turn the base and magnet in order to turn the powerhead to the sides. Not too big an issue but it’s still annoying.

The flow of the RW can easily be adjusted using the included controller. The real issue here is determining how you want your flow to run. The controller has 8 speed settings with 2 wave options, a random mode, a multiple powerhead mode and of course constant stream.

Keep in mind that your fish will need low flow zones to rest. To diffuse the Jebao’s power you will need large decorations or live rock. Nothing too fancy just enough places for all the fish to rest at once.


The controller is fairly straight forward, consisting of mode/night, speed/feed and Wi-Le/lock buttons as well as a speed knob. Heres a brief description of all the functions:

  • The light sensor in the top left triggers night mode when night mode is enabled and there is no ambient light
  • Holding the mode button turns the night mode on and off
  • Pressing the mod button shifts the mode between w1, w2, else, h and c
  • Pressing the speed button changes the speed as displayed on the top of the remote
  • Holding the speed button activates a 10 minute feeding period where the powerheads will slow down drastically
  • pressing the Wi-Le/Lock button changes the remote to either be a master, slave or stand alone. Master remotes control the mode of all slaves, and stand alones act alone
  • Master and slave remotes must set their speed individually, with up to 8 being able to work together
  • Holding the Wi-Le/Lock button locks the remote, preventing any changes to the settings, hold the button again to unlock the remote
  • The knob adjusts the timing of waves, with the left side being more frequent and the right side being slower

Remember to adjust the knob slowly until you find the ideal setting. Do this for each powerhead you install and always re-adjust the knob if you move the powerhead.

Warranty & Lifetime

The warranty on Jebao products lasts for one yea, but Jebao is often difficult to contact. You will need to email them at [email protected] to start the process.

Remember all products brought through amazon come with a 30 day no questions asked warranty. If the powerhead shows any signs of defects return it ASAP.

As for the lifetime, this model lives a disappointing 6 months-1.5 years at best. Even with constant cleaning and good luck it is unlikely you will reach 3 years with the RW. Ultimately it is a short lifetime at this price point, which is why I urge aquarists to consider the Jebao WP wave maker over the RW. It has all the same functions, minus the master/slave wireless function.

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