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Size Dimensions Strength Noise Level Longevity Price
WP-10 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ 1056 GPH/4000 LPH Very Low 2-3 Years Medium
WP-25 3.15″ x 2.36″ x 2.36″ 1717 GPH/6500 LPH Very-Low 2-3 Years Medium-High
WP-40 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 3.7″ 3434 GPH/13,000 LPH Very-Low 2-3 Years Medium–High
WP-60 4.7″ x 3.7″ x 3.7″ 5283 GPH/20,000 LPH Low 2-3 Years Medium-High

The Jebao WP is a compact, high strength power head that comes at a fraction of the cost of other brands. The quality is good, and it brings a ton of features via the included controller. The small size allows the Jebao WP powerhead to fit into any size aquarium, just be wary of its extreme power!


The Jebao comes with a handy controller, which we will cover in more detail later on. you can use this to adjust the speed of the powerhead, as well as shut it off for 10 minutes. To turn it off for longer periods of time you will need to unplug the powerhead.

When shutting on and off you will notice a very light sound followed by a nearly silent hum. The higher speed you have your Jebao WP set the stronger the hum. Even at max speed it is still almost silent, making it ideal even for bedroom tanks. The main culprit for noise on this model is the power cord. Ensure it is not rubbing against the edge oddly, which produces most of the noise.

The powerhead’s grate is very small, preventing all fish and inverts from getting caught in the powerheads impeller. Even with the longest pulse setting only fry should be able to slip into the main body of the powerhead. If you are using this in a tank that houses fry simply keep the powerhead on a constant speed setting, with the h3 being the slowest, most gentle setting available.

Remember this powerhead is much smaller than what you will be used to. Try to take advantage of this and have the powerhead placed where others could not be. That being said, do not place the powerhead in an impractical way just because it can fit. Prioritize a good, healthy flow over hiding the powerhead. Honestly it is so small you won’t notice it out in the open anyways.

Unlike other powerheads there are no reports of the Jebao WP powerhead running in reverse. The company likely put extra time in removing this issue, as the powerhead comes standard with the controller. It wouldn’t do for it to start in reverse 50% of the time when it is able to turn on and off every 2 seconds. Likewise there is no start up issues unless the powerhead fails entirely

The Jebao WP attaches to the tank via powerful magnets. Do not let them touch! My SO noticed the magnets and had them together in less than a second. I literally put them down, looked at the tank, then looked back to see them stuck together. An hour later I had the magnets separated by holding one to my workbench while sliding the other one downwards, plenty of force required. All that being said the powerhead will not fall down. I promise you that and the bend marks on the side of my magnet are strong proof of their power.

Note: Also do not put your fingers between these magnets ever. Should whatever is hold them apart slip you will be in serious pain. The magnet will be on your hand and you cannot remove them with one hand. Always have someone nearby when moving these magnets. They are no joke.

Magnet rants aside the cord is a 110V, generous 6 feet long cord allowing for easy placement and adjustments. Even tall tanks should have no problem placing this powerhead near the bottom.

All models besides the WP-10 come with a light sensing feature, which turns the powerhead on and off when ambient light touches the controller. I don’t recommend using this, as corals and fish don’t sleep in stagnant water. Still it is an interesting feature.


The Jebao is fairly easy to take apart and put back together. This is done to clean out the insides and impeller mount. By keeping the powerhead clean you reduce stress on the components, increasing power and the lifetime of your Jebao. It only takes a few minutes each month and can easily add several months of life to your equipment.

Remember that these powerheads are designed to be opened and are fairly small. try not to use too much force to open them.

Flow & Adjustments

The Jebao WP model powerhead is easy to rotate, but it must be done by hand. When moving the powerhead it is key to grab the base of the powerhead as well as the magnet on the outside of the tank. Do the same for turning the powerhead.

The flow speed on the Jebao WP is adjusted using the controller. This can lower the speed all the way to 1/3rd, making the WP-10 a good choice for nano tanks that want a more advanced powerhead.

The flow has five(technically 7 but really 5) settings, each with three speeds. Other powerheads with this much customization often cost a lot more, so this left me pleasantly surprised.
rotation and speed adjustments adjustable to 1/3rd speed, full rotation
real strength vs described accurate
other model sizes
strength compared to fish size


The Jebao WP powerhead controller has two buttons and a blue knob that control all of the settings.

The blue knob adjusts the frequency of the pulse settings, which are w1, w2, w3 and else. The further to the left the more frequent the pulses, while to the right has longer pulses with longer pauses. You will need to slowly adjust this until the waves are exactly how you want them. Remember if you move the powerhead to do this again.

The mode button switches the controller between h1/2/3, w1/2/3 and else. Heres a brief description of each setting:

  • H1,H2,H3: All create a constant flow. h1 is 100% speed, h2 66% speed, h3 33% speed
  • W1 offers a constant stream of waves, also known as a standing wave
  • W2 & W3 create waves but ramp up and down in power in a constant cycle. This creates a mock random wave pattern
  • Else creates a completely random pattern of waves, which is pretty good for replicating ocean currents

The speed button on the right is used to set the speed of certain modes on the controller. S1 is 100% speed, S2 is 66% speed and S3 is 33% speed. Remember that more power isn’t always the best choice. Many aquarists who purchase this powerhead will have it set to S3 due to the sheer power this little powerhead brings to the tank.

Pressing and holding the mode/feed button will shut off the powerhead for ten minutes. This is of course ideal for feeding slow hunting fish, or just making feeding easier in general. This can also be used when you need to move something in your tank and don’t want your powerhead pushing you around. It sounds silly but higher models will really have some force when you get close to them. You can press the mode button again to end the feeding session early.

By pressing and holding the speed button for 5 seconds you can lock the settings of the controller. This is good for houses with kids or animals who like to touch the buttons when you’re not looking. press and hold the speed/lock button again to unlock it.

Warranty & Lifetime

The lifetime of the Jebao WP powerhead is in the middle ground, sitting between 2-3 years. Keeping it clean will often prolong the lifetime, as will using lower speed settings. The less stress the better. For the price I found the lifetime to be more than adequate.

The warranty on the Jebao lasts 1 year, and you can contact them at [email protected] however they are not typically a helpful company. If you do have problems with your powerhead you may be able to contact fishstreet and see if they will help you fix or replace your powerhead. This alone creates a risk when buying the Jebao, however most defects will be found before amazons 30 day warranty runs out. For this reason you should install the powerhead ASAP and keep an eye on it during the last 3 days of amazons warranty.

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